Olathe Copycat?

A Sikh man shot in a Seattle suburb, Kent, WA. The copycat used the same tag line as the Olathe shooter. The police say it’s unacceptable. Good for them if they mean it. Donald Trump who owns stock in the Military Hardware for Civilian Cops industry, and has pledged more federal subsidies for the cops to get all that shit, is kind of well.. not exactly as popular as a Fascist president would be to a notorious Fascist organization like the Police State, but Donald DID give a green light to wannabee Auxiliary Police, as the Klan Leader David Duke described his own organization. At a Klan “benefit” barbecue in Bossier City LA where most of the guests were Cops, not a single one of them contested his claim. They were too busy with their snouts in the trough. Donald also still maintains that people who are even accused of a crime they should be handled with “rough justice” meaning of course lynching. And somehow the Police State Hatemongers haven’t gainsaid anything il Douche has abetted in the way of lynching. By the way, a lot of people understand what the term “abet” means, especially a lot of people who have been charged by the police with anything at all. It’s usually “aiding and abetting” as the full charge. Either one is actually a crime. Abet means you encourage some other party or parties to do a crime you’re too damned chickenshit to commit. Like Il Douche. And for those who never studied history, that’s a reference to il Duce Benito Mussolini. Anyway, here’s the news report, abbreviated, from U.S.A. Today and the hardcore Deplorables won’t read it unless they’re checking to see who is badmouthing them today. (It’s ME, jackasses, I talk smack about you all day every day. Whatcha gonna do?) Quote:Deep Rai, 39, told officers he was working on his car in his suburban Kent driveway when another man approached. An argument ensued and the suspect told him to go back to his homeland before shooting him in the arm, Rai said.

A manhunt was underway for the shooter. The national Sikh Coalition asked authorities to investigate the case as a hate crime, and Kent Police Chief Ken Thomas said he has reached out to the FBI.

“It is our belief and opinion, based upon the experience of my investigators, that our victim is absolutely credible and that this incident did occur as he has described,” Thomas said. “This is the first incident of this magnitude that I’m aware of in the city of Kent.”

Male observant Sikhs often wear turbans and don’t shave their beards. The faith originated in India’s Punjab region, and more than 500,000 Sikhs live in the United States. Rai, who is from the Punjab region, is a U.S. citizen.

By the way, they’re not Muslim, as though I give a shit. Neither was the Hindu guy who got blown away in Olathe. And if he had been Muslim it still wouldn’t merit any kind of hostile act against him OR ANYBODY ELSE!

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