Other than people shouting at each other, this is news

There’s a lady who gathered or rather “gatored” a following on twitter by dressing up a “pet” alligator in feminine attire. Ahem. You might remember Don Johnson of the TV show Miami Heat.
He did state, not on the tv show of course, that there is no such thing as a “tame” or “trained” alligator, that the most you could train them to do is try to take off your hand when you feed them, and that they don’t make good pets. Or any kind of pets for that matter. But as I said in the title, this is news. There was the Day Without A Woman rally downtown today, at the front porch of Shitty Hall. It’s a neat concept. I of course, gentleman that I truly am, didn’t mention the water sports issue that Mr Trump has, and was conveniently taken out of the MSM news soon after, even though it’s really the most entertaining of all his lovably wacked out antics. The only question I have and I might have gotten it from Samantha Bee, but there’s a huge question involved. The reports said “Donald Trump apparently has paid prostitutes to pee on him” and to my questing mind comes this retort to the report “WHAT? That can’t be real… Donald actually PAYING somebody for anything?” And there’s another wrongful use of the term “livid”. This time it’s supposedly Obama being “livid” over charges he tapped Donald. Fuck that. First, nobody has to dig for Donald’s secrets, because he can’t help but blurt out every thing he thinks he knows.

Do Not Tell this dude anything on any subject!! The second part is, Livid refers to the color of a person’s recently abandoned corpse. It’s called Livor Mortis. Somebody who is very angry, shouting, frowning and with a bright red face is NOT LIVID!!  Somebody who has spent the past day or so being dead and not yet embalmed is Livid. And to think, these are the guys who have a fit about people not speaking English. Which is another piss-off for me. When somebody speaks to me in a foreign country in English, and I know the other person is a native-english speaking person, I’ll probably answer in English. Because I’m sane. And not livid. I don’t know everybody who reads this blog.  But I’m sure that when they go to Mexico or Germany or where the Hell other place and meet up with their countryman in that country, will probably speak their native tongue to each other. Since most Americans just ain’t multilingual, that’s the norm.

And do the people in that whichever country tell them “Aqui es Mexico! Habla Español o vete por su propio paiz!” or the appropriate country/slash/tongue.? Feh. I keep hearing from Worldly Travellers, who really were in the Other Country representing their company or taking control over that country militarily, say “America is the best place ever!” Why? because the other people have the gall to not learn English in advance of you trying to either buy or overthrow their national leaders.


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