Piss off the warmongers a little…

This will make some Marines very angry. Tough. Their new recruitment add says ‘protecting freedom by battles won’. Does that mean their first overseas engagement at Tripoli where they a)didn’t overturn the government of the Barbary Coast b)took casualties c) they used Berber and Dervish mercenary troops who did most the fighting… sounds like a loss to me… then there was VietNam, that was a major defeat, but supposedly Americans are still free and that’s counter to the theme ‘killing mostly civilians in foreign countries keeps America free…’      And the stated reason for using WMDs on Japanese civilians, specifically Hiroshima and Nagasaki, was the Japanese had inflicted horrifying casualties on the Marines the entire time they engaged. Essentially they were badass enough to maul the living dogshit in each and all of the island hopping campaign. Yeah, that’s real victory.  Given the pattern of wars not fully won, meaning “all of the wars” we’ll have endless war which will last , well, forever… with no clear victory in any of them, but supposedly we’re only free from their SUCCESSFUL victory. Since none of the military actions have actually finished anything, they must be waiting for those hoped for but never attained victories to pay out, at least ONCE, before they graciously allow us to have that freedom…

I wanted to be one of the proud, the few, the Marines—- but my head wouldn’t fit in the jar…

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