pledge allegiance to the flag of the Corporate state of Amerikkka

The NFL owners demand that players and fans alike comply with their brainwashing technique of training the people to act in unison at the cue of a musical intro. It’s Pavlovian Condition at it’s most basic, Slobber when the Good Doctor rings a bell and be rewarded with a doggy treat, fail to slobber when the O Say can You See bell is rang and you get punished. Classic. Mass Demonstrations with coordinated ritual actions teach GroupThink and total domination of their intellect by an Elitist Few. Football is a Corporate enterprise and you pay to go in to be trained like little puppy dogs. The owners of the teams have become the owners and Masters of the fan(atics) combined.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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4 Responses to pledge allegiance to the flag of the Corporate state of Amerikkka

  1. Avatar Chuck Noland says:

    Well, I guess its a good thing that nobody actually makes you attend an NFL football game or watch it on TV. Let freedom ring.


  2. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    We pay for the NFL, MLB, basketball and other corporate “sports” whether we attend or watch being optional. Some of my tax money pays for the Donkoes and the Rockies and the Nuggets and I believe we have some government (Taxpayers) subsidized hockey teams. The freedom seems to be only for the Rich Bitches. The ones who never went to the wars nor put their nasty little hands to the plow, shovel or hammer. That’s what Peasants are for.

  3. Avatar Chuck Noland says:

    Huh, my tax dollars don’t go to sports teams except for the rare occasions I spend money in Denver. I choose to live in a jurisdiction that doesn’t subsidize sports corporations. Another choice.

  4. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    And the Colorado Springs minor league team Sky Sox.
    The noose tightens. The strangest thing, you know, a Private corporation being an unincorporated municipality. Only to a point, they get the tax but don’t actually have to deliver services. Just a subsidy for their business.

    Football is subsidized as well, the College and Public Schools get a share. The High schools don’t charge tuition. To the point that College football scouts and recruiters aren’t allowed on campus. It’s pretty intense and ripe for corruption. In Texas they had a no-pass, no-play still do but it has a lot less about the kids or their schools than a vicious fight over who gets or gives whatever amount of bribes. This however is the visible parts of the web. The ones most easy to see. If you found a patch that isn’t in their web, good on you.

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