President Bannon should actually READ his bible

Who is like unto the Beast, and who can contend against him?  I mean, that’s the way they’re acting, The Chief Crybaby and his master Bannon, I mean.  The one who thinks he’s the Ultimate Boss keeps saying he’s going to Destroy those he says are PERSECUTING him. Apparently a lack of immediate and uncompromising obedience is PERSECUTION. His immediate ancestry separated from Scotland by being run out, probably pissed off the Presbyterian AND Episcopal churches. Bannon believes himself a connoisseur of History, he should remember there’s a time between Charles II and William of Orange when the islands of Britain and Ireland were on fire with religious hatred, mostly between Presbyterian and Episcopal. Both had a mandate of Conformity. You could lose your head for being found as a Non-Conformist. What, did you think that term originated in the mid-20th century? Hell to da No! It means Conform to the Church Led by The Monarch or Die. The Presbyterians contend(ed) that the Throne should obey the Church and the Episcopalians say(said) that the King or Queen of England should control the actions of the Church. You know what, all those Islamic states have a freedom of religion that 16th-19th (insert edit) Centuries Britain didn’t even try to match. That shit about the Caliphate persecuting Jews and Christians in Jerusalem, well, the Jewish and Christian populations had a high old time putting on the hate toward the Christians and Jews in Palestine, and the Muslims as well. All the time the Caliphate existed in the Holy Land. My God! literally. I’m not accusing any of them being innocents. For 200 + years the British and Irish persecuted each other. That’s a mixed stew. Infighting doesn’t begin to describe the shitstorm. Irish vs Irish, yeah, everybody against everybody was more like it. This Is The Reason First The English Constitution AND the US Constitution say Freedom of Religion.

(And the Arabians and Persians etcetera have “trumped” the Anglo American so called freedom of religion. I won’t even mention that Hitler said (greater) Germany was “Christian Nation” because it’s considered tacky)

The difference is, the Noble and Enlightened Revolutionaries couldn’t get enough of a quorum to put the Bill of Rights into the main body of “our” Constitution, that’s why they’re the first ten AMENDMENTS. But they did get put in. Most of the Bill of Rights. That’s a clear indication of Original Intent of the “founding fathers” that Bannon “TRUMPets” at us. Meaning we’re supposed to obey without question the ghosts of long dead slavers and rapists, forever. Bannon and Trump either don’t know they’re committing blasphemy and idolatry, or they’re really as evil as they’re depicted. They went after the ones they think helpless first. Muslim Americans are literally 1% of the population. They weren’t comfortable with people who have more members in their groups and are far more likely to fuck them up. So they chose to jump Muslims first. And it didn’t work. And a lot of people not limited to Christians and Jews have jumped their stupid ass about it.

Neat little factoid, Donald Dick went to Scotland to steal enough land to build a Golf Course, like Scotland actually needed yet another one. Another place for Millionaires to chase balls around on a lawn, at public expense. And even with the subsidies, he is losing money on it.

The Scots are a mixed bunch, a lot of them are so right wing they would make Mussolini nervous. “A Lot” defined as more than would be necessary to hold me down and kick my head open. And he went in saying he had such a great rapport with the Scots because his family Came From there. Ahem. Translated into real English and for that matter Gælic, that means “their own parents were NOT kicked out of Scotland, probably for criminal behavior” (but the Trumps were)

Apparently he doesn’t get the reference. Granted, the commoners in that part of Hell are a lot more hospitable and kind than they really need to be. Most of my white ancestors got out of there early, which really for some reason made my Native ancestors both saddened and worried. I can see very easily how any of the groups involved would adopt the motto of Sod off, Wankers! and just be as ugly as possible to all strangers. The fact they don’t fortifies my belief in Good People. And the Trump Bannon Circus reinforce my good common sense aversion to being too nice to dumbshit extremists who are probably dangerous. They’re varmints and in an Advanced and Enlightened Society it would be legal to hunt them.

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