Propaganda film now out “Patriot anti-Muslim Day”

They locked down the entire city of Boston. They identified two brothers who were Muslim as the bombers. One supposedly was shot to pieces but miraculously resurrected for the Show Trial. Much like the raid on the bin Laden compound, the secret burial, we just have to accept the word of the SEAL team.           Except the FBI not long beforehand had posted a Most Wanted “age progression” picture which was actually the real face of a Spanish member of parliament. Wonder if they did the same thing with British MPs, eh? But the Fibbers said, once exposed, that they had no intelligence whatsoever that Usama was still alive, no verified sightings, no actual broadcasts, nothing, since 2002.    So, when did they stop or start lying? Given that, how would we know that the two suspects in the Marathon Bombing were actually real?  They lie to us, constantly, boast that they’ll lie to us at any time and there won’t be any evidence to prove or disprove any of it. It’s the MiniTru, Ministry of Truth from Nineteen Eighty-four. The very next week the Boston and Fibber Pigs were given a cloak for their apparent evildoing by a refinery/fertilizer  company explosion in West, Texas which killed MURDERED 15 workers, as admitted by the corporate asswipes who actually recreated (on a smaller scale) another similar (same chemical) explosion in 1947 when a whole shipload of it burned and exploded in Texas City. The ammonia nitrate fertilizer which Christian terrorist McVeigh might not have actually done in Oklahoma City, same stuff.

Mighty convenient. Actually, the propagandists depend on it, it’s called the News Cycle. You can count on a huge disaster or war or other mortality event that will completely wipe out any interest in the previous disaster, about once per 1.5 weeks.

What is being suppressed in the current release of the Boston Marathon anti-Muslim hate speech movie? oo oo pick me pick me (visualize Arnold Horschack with his hand in the air) The sentencing of the Junior Klansman, allegedly Christian, one of the requirements for membership in the Klan, for killing 9 people in South Carolina. (the custody and trial were in North Carolina.) And the upcoming inauguration of a President who lost in the popular vote but won in an electoral college over-ride of popular sentiment… who is still loudly endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan, Heritage Foundation and other White Supremacist groups, including Dylann Roof’s group of socially retarded animated sphincters, none of which are independent of the others. They depend a lot on being told what to say and do. Very top-down, even more than the established US Military. Which is heavily infiltrated by these pricks, it’s one of their goals to maintain experience and familiarity with modern Military weapons and tactics.

Meanwhile the putative Leader of the “free” world is using a lot of his time alternately threating and cursing movie actors and athletes and other entertainers who make fun of him and his agenda. Which is our way to victory.  He’s so narcissistic all you have to do is make an uncomplimentary remark about him and he’ll drop whatever he’s doing to fire off angry tweets defending whatever jackass jackoff bullshit he’s recently done.

Strangely, this lover of slander lawsuits, is doing exactly nothing to rebut the anti-everything Nazi freaks loudly singing his praises.

Maybe it’s because the Klan and friends, the single most active and murderous terrorist group in the world, the ones who killed more American soldiers in one war than the entire rest of American history, claim to be Christian and they fit right into the religious bigotry Trump has pandered and and cultivated. The Corporate Pigs who blew up the fertilizer plant in Texas, same way.

In Brave New World, Henry Ford was the founder of the Corporate State Religion. Imagine that. Ford, and his friend Disney, were very active in White Supremacist actions world wide. How much would you bet, (I’m writing blind on this) that Disney Studios are the producers of this Patriot Day cinematic farce?

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