Quote “he didn’t have to die”

Cognition. Chanting. Changing cognition using repetitive use of words.     The title I pulled from one of those damned Supermarket Tabloid headlines about Alan Thicke. It’s a cheap way to express opinions which are actually accusations, yes? Partly. The publishers of the Stupid News publications are by and large degree holders, Liberal Arts for certain. That doesn’t have any connection to the term Politically Liberal. It means they study an array of disciplines as needed for their goals. In this instance, getting people attuned to believe anything they are told. Chanting the words aloud, or copying them verbatim, each repetition validates the former uses of that fact or factoid, the later doesn’t actually depend on fact any more than Liberal Arts would depend on Liberal Politics. Or the Defense Department having any clear and proven ties to actually defense. Like in the Orwellian dystopia Nineteen Eighty Four and the Animal Farm companion, NewSpeak, DoubleSpeak and DuckSpeak with the Ministry of Truth. AND the Capitalist Dystopia Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Nuances in language can be used to mean the exact opposite of the original thought. If you use phonemes, homonyms, and really bad puns if done skillfully (like you might learn at a Creative Writing course of study) Repetition can be both perceptual and expressive, say, for instance, singing songs containing the conditioning the Big Pigs want you to believe. Or simply accept, consciously believing that its hu-wi, which is Cherokee for Hooey. And just subtly train your sub or unconscious mind to accept as harmless and having no effect.

Until of course the manipulators want to awaken it and tie it to their advertising. Which sells anything from toilet paper to political asswipes. In case anybody really wondered why I go on about the misuse of language by professional writers. By the way, the inherent falsehood in “he didn’t have to die” well, everybody does. It’s the main issue of entering the world, one day you leave.

The way the Tabloid Professional (to use the Brave New World term) Emotional Engineers pour out their words, it doesn’t make to you or the vast majority of the world if the doctor of the Deceased Celebrity <<<— using the synonym for fame to describe the person who is famous. But it gets hit right in the left ear of anybody who hears or (cross-sensory perception) sees the word…

It doesn’t matter if the Hollywood Doctor is convicted or even guilty of malpractice. The much shorter message the writers and the Editors who pay for the writing want you to believe is that Doctors are quacks. So if you see a doctor who is in no way at all on a conscious level equated with malpractice testifies in the Hallowed Dome of Congress, you’ll say “Oh, Agent Orange, Second-hand tobacco smoke, depleted uranium, PCBs, artificial growth enzymes or hormones, Mad Cow or Recombinant Genes/DNA manipulation dangers can’t possibly be true because a Doctor is testifying that they ARE dangerous”. You’re also told, repeatedly, that you the peasants can’t possibly learn enough to question the Corporate Experts or their assumptions of their products being not lethal. They say and many believe that we’re all too damn stupid to do anything beyond Trusting The Corporate Experts. And anybody or group of anybodies who DO learn exactly what is false in the statements of the Corporate Liars is “engaging in frivolous litigation” which is another long tirade within the pages of the Tabloids. That’s what you’re conditioned to believe. And it’s interchangeable to any contentious statements by or against the Corporate Bigpigs. And any attorneys other than Corporate Lawyers, Judges (same thing) and prosecutors (also corporate minions)  are complete liars. Consider that when you pass by the lurid headlines on the way out of the store.

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