Repoopycans feel TrumpDon’tCare is dead in the water

Imagine that. Cut money out of actually getting the poorest a little help with health care, something which would conceivably get people up and ready to work again, maybe in the Killing Machine ‘defense’ industry or maybe poisoning everybody else’s well with fracking and pipelines and steel mills and reopened coal mines. So ‘we’ can threaten every other political entity in the world, like North Korea. If President Kim was a measurable fraction of the crazy Washington says, he would have attacked South Korea a long time ago because they have missiles aimed at the North. Missiles, planes, artillery, oh yeah. And all in the service of South Korea’s puppet masters in Washington, many of whom keep screaming into any available microphone that they want to destroy North Korea. Nixon for instance. Well, he wasn’t as crazy as Reagan or Bush the Either or well, you know… the loofah-faced shit-gibbon. Nixon gave the orders for the Environmental Protection Administration. The Repoopycans never seem to mention that when they’re railing madly about how some fish in the Grand Canyon are blocking their godless-given right to dump their poison everywhere. And blame it all on Liberals. I can’t believe anything that starts with Nixon being “liberal”.    Meanwhile, even with the affordable care act, the limits put on it, (so the Empire can seize other peoples lands and assets, and if they refuse they get to kill a whole lot of people including American soldiers to convince the Other Countries to pay tribute to the Empire) are so extreme that it hasn’t met the goals of adequate health care and a lot of unnecessary pain continues.

There’s a legislator in Texas who has come up with a novel plan, since Texas medicaid doesn’t pay for female oriented birth control, but medicare (different entity) covers ‘boner pills’ like Viagra, why not force Men who are getting that kind of subsidy for their sexual gratification to get counseling like women have to undergo before having any kind of birth control. The way the current “women’s right to know” bill (written entirely by men) is written a woman would have to listen to some self-righteous prick give them a lecture. Get your monthly scrip filled for hormone pills? You have to submit to the MAN berate you and talk to you like you’re stupid.

The Legistator (ess) has a really common sense answer to that, a Mens Right To Know bill. Where the Big Macho has to listen to somebody who is a woman tell him his options to avoid begetting some really ugly and stupid kids. No, really, are people that damn stupid that nobody can see a connection between consistently altering your biochemical levels just before having sex, probably unprotected because the Pope still says no to condoms, how that might just affect your DNA?

Here’s an amendment I’m suggesting… do like the Right To Life Until You’re Umbilical Cord Is Cut Then You’re On Your Own Especially If Your Family Is Poor, Kid assholes like Focus on Other People’s Family…

Force the issue, make education on how to get a vasectomy, the benefits of not passing on your weak genetic traits (hey, you have to take a pill to get excited, right?) Mandatory, even in the Elitist Private schools. Especially in the Elitist Private Schools.

Make it mandatory to either wear a condom or have a vasectomy when using those pills, especially if they’re publicly funded. Give the Police State asswipes a mandate to monitor, by any means necessary, the sexual activity of people buying Viagra to ensure compliance. One strike you’re out. The Bedroom Police already have that MANdate for women, and they insist they have a right to make the process even more strictly enforced.

Get caught not wrapping that rascal, automatic publicly administered vasectomy. No Exceptions

The RTL lobby wants that level of proof and punishment, as long as it’s women. There’s been in every legislative session in Texas, at least the ones I can readily recall,  a measure that would make it mandatory for a women or underaged kid who becomes pregnant to report the pregnancy to government monitored doctors. If a person is diagnosed as pregnant and has a miscarriage, she’ll have to report that, and be “examined” no doubt with a couple of big healthy football-player type Sheriff’s Deputies watching, to prove she didn’t have an abortion. If she leaves the states and comes back not pregnant or with a baby, woe unto that person!

Dobson proposes that in Colorado by the way. If a woman can be humiliated in a public trial to prove her not guilty of abortion, make a similar provision for the dude. They’ve so far lost their bid to have unlimited Draconian control over other people’s kids. Just that they haven’t got ALL their measures defeated, and the ones that have slipped through are messing up healthcare everywhere in America.

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