Republocrat duopoly eats itself in Calif. Lege, Congresswoman Nguyen

So the Congresswoman, whose family came as refugees from VietNam, while she was still a very small child, and her father was some kind of government official in the Puppet Saigon Regime, went on a revenge rant against Tom Hayden, of SDS fame, being honored as a statesman, because he was against the US Putting Another Puppet Dictatorship in VietNam and  supporting their brutal torture-murder-other acts of terrorism governance with the blood of American and Vietnamese soldiers and civilians. But the real reason was there was a similar mini-filibuster in the U.S. Congress over the confirmation of a Klansman, who had the blood of Americans AND VIETNAMESE REFUGEES, from a miniature war in the late 70s – early 80s over shrimping in the Gulf of Mexico. Jeff Sessions, Punk Extraordinaire, was one of the Klan attacks against VietNamese refugees. Janet Nguyen was probably sheltered, like Siddhartha before becoming enlightened, from the evil her Daddy and his accomplices, including Nixon, Reagan, Ford, The Bush family, John Wayne and the rest of the pack of diseased jackals who feasted on the deaths of VietNamese, Cambodian, Lao, Americans, Australians, people, children being the most tragic casualties. Kids who were Janet Nguyen’s generation. So the Republicans are putting the too-young-to-remember this kind of shit up as being a Right Wing Saint. Janet, if you have somebody reading this, hopefully he or she will remind you of the Great Shrimp War, led in part by her beloved Republican Saint Jeff Sessions and David Duke and a host of other really stupid racist bitches who are basking in the glory of her god Donald Trump.

They wired up another prime chump to commit murder in Olathe Kansas very recently. Nice friends you got there, Janet. So, I know Nguyen is the most common Annamese surnmame, but what does Janet mean in VietNamese? Were you ashamed of your heritage, an Asian name would stand out among the Republicans? Don’t worry about that, learn your real name and use it. See how much more or less the Republicans will hate or love you. They kill people with English names too. And Jeff Sessions is a particularly bloodthirsty fuck.

Just saying is all. If you want, we have writings by the late Sen. Tom Hayden.  They’re not nearly radical, especially when compared to the murderous hate-speech your god Donald teaches you to speak. I’m sure the sore-loser VietNamese Fascist Community who were allowed to immigrate because their U.S. Puppet-masters permitted them to slaughter a whole huge bunch of your countrymen. were Outraged! that Sen Hayden didn’t support their regime.

And don’t forget the BRUTALITY of the torture chambers. Or the fact that VietNam has not attacked the United States at all since the reunification. And neither the VietMinh nor the DRVN actually did anything to “start” the war.

Oh, here’s an excerpt that’s been printed in every Right Wing fake-news paper in America,

Reading a letter to Secretary of the Senate Daniel Alvarez, Sen. Jean Fuller (R-Bakersfield), leader of the Senate Republican Caucus, called for a complete and transparent investigation.


Fuller said Nguyen spoke from the heart when she said Hayden’s being honored triggered outrage among the constituents in her district’s Vietnamese community, where memories of the war were still raw.

Brutality of the Vietnamese Communist party continues to haunt the collective memory of the Vietnamese American community,” Fuller said. The letter was submitted to the Senate journal through a unanimous vote

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