Seriously? THAT’S the deal-killer?

Ok, so the punk bastard is, well, a punk bastard. yawn. He rips off people including foreign dignitaries (and no, the law is quite plain on this, you can’t steal or kill people just because you personally don’t like them), urges the lynching of people who have both served long prison time and got PROVEN NOT GUILTY, promises racially and religiously slanted deportations, imprisonments, etc… (crickets chirping, general bored silence) but his general asshole-ishness isn’t what is now controversial. He HIRED a couple of hookers to entertain him with water sports. allegedly …If you’re not really conscious of that term, get a computer you don’t care very much about and google it. After which you’ll have to wipe the drive,re-install your OS and even then you might get a bunch of Porn Spam Flooding. But come on, man, promoting murder and actually participating in fraud (in amounts with more zeroes after the first digit than my entire extended family have had in two years of wages), that ought to be more important indicators of his (for want of a better word) character than whatever gets his pathetic little teenie weenie stiff. And there’s plenty to suggest he has such a complex, like he’s always doing stuff like having other people build Towers and name them after him, a Huge Wall, etc etc… and hey, being a possessor of a baby penis isn’t enough to disqualify him from public office. … assuming it’s actually his and not …. well, you know… Sorry about that, I’ve known a few really lunatic acquaintances …

Being endorsed by David Duke, for instance, as of YESTERDAY… Hey, here’s a thought, one of my famous Waddiffs… Waddiff the whole thing was hatched by his babysitters in order to take attention away from David Duke in his Ku Klux Klown uniform praising his selection of Sessions (also a Klownsman) ?

But really, come the hell on. He didn’t off either of the hookers, eh? Didn’t do like Scalia and die in a whorehouse… yet….

You know, if you die committing a cardinal sin like adultery, it’s pretty certain he didn’t give a final confession… but that would take years to get through… so he’s in Purgatory if you’re a catholic and Hell if you’re protestant… but enough of that.

What’s really scandalous about the Punk In Chief is the stupid shit he’s been doing all his (for want of a better word “adult”) life. And shit that’s both stupid and violations of the law that would get the average citizen a life sentence.

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