So a Fascist Party congressman got shot….

The Republicans and Hate Talk Radio minions are angry that some democrats and non-fascist independents did not fall into their Pity Party martyrdom bid, and countered the Fascist rhetoric about democratic violence by reminding the Fascist party that they had been steadily recruiting “lone wolf lunatics”  like Jared Loughner and Jim Adkisson and Tim McVeigh to commit terrorist attacks against Americans with no regard that some of the killed or wounded were their own partisans, often children, that they often targeted churches, schools, etc… That the disco shooter in Orlando very early this year was not actually determined, the one Muslim who got killed in the episode was automatically found guilty in their Virtual Kangaroo Kourts of Talk Radio and Fox News hysteria… it’s easy to prosecute a dead man.. That people such as me have noticed that the Boston Marathon bombing took two lives and at least one of the accused was later killed, and his brother was called dead but magically resurrected conveniently… and then Corporate America killed  15 people in an unholy explosion of the same material McVeigh and other Christian terrorists used  and some of the damage from the blast were a school and a nursing home. Not far from Waco which was the reason given for McVeigh to murder 168 human beings, many of them children, on April 19th (which is the anniversary of the battle of Lexington and Concord, now suburbs of Boston) 1995.

But the Fascists, in order to keep the allegiance of some right wing Christian churches, tell us that there is no such thing as a christian terrorist. They also insist that the killers in all of the described  terror attacks could be in any way a response of the Hate Speech and clearly stated wishes for the targets to DIE violently, by such good Christian Fascists as Sarah Palin. Palin is considering a defamation suit for some people daring to mention the “coincidence” of Minutemen and Tea Party racist scum in Tucson and other places burning Gabby Giffords in effigy  and a Judge who had ruled against the Minutemen racist scum… and that Jared Loughner wrote out a Shooter’s Manifesto praising the Minutemen and Tea Party and using their hate speech quoted verbatim.

Mike Levin, a loudmouth chickenhawk bitch who loves war especially since he doesn’t and never did actually put himself in danger, was very angry about his Tea Party racist coward comrades being besmirched. Too bad. After all the Right Wing terrorist attacks one attack on the Wingnuts somehow justifies the murders they committed. Bunch of punks. Ted Nugent, rock and roll has-been, did say that the poisonous hate speech from the Right, including his, was fueling the violence. And vowed not to do it anymore. The attacks on immigrants across America, including the ICE roundups, are and were spurred on by such hate speech. So now they’re whining and shrieking about one of Them gets shot but doesn’t even die. Hypocrisy on the hoof. They believe they can launch terror attacks at will but if anybody hits back then it’s Terrorism. There’s a lot of sayings to describe these crybaby punks and their behavior. Ol’ Mama Kharma is one mean bitch sometimes, paybacks is a bitch, what goes around comes back around, do unto others as you would have them unto you, paybacks is a bitch and I already mentioned that but it deserves another iteration.

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