So far… Prez taking a hit

My suggestion would be for him to “take a hit” by rolling or buying a Marley, ignite, place unlit end to mouth, inhale, repeat as necessary. Dude needs to chill. On the other hand, his New Executive Order is out concerning travel restrictions. Dialed it way back. Still stupid, but not as haughty and imperialist as the first. This time it’s down to No Visa applications from 6 nations. Existing visas to be honored. In other news, the Trump-Perry Spite fence aka el muro. The wall. Where it’s proposed, but not funded, to be built. Well within the state of Texas, some as much as 100 miles or 160 km from the river. Because of the topography of the Rio Bravo/Grande. It would not be feasible to put a wall, a fence, a house, in fact anything other than a boat, in a riparian system. Maybe a levee. A huge portion of the irrigation water in south texas is from Amistad Lake. A reservoir. A great big one. on the confluence of Rio Diablo, Rio Grande and where a previous lake, Lake Walk, which is engulfed by Amistad. Amistad means friendship in Spanish. They were building the lake when we left out of Del Rio/Laughlin AFB in 1968. The canyons in the
Bandolero movie, under water now. That low level of current most of the year carved out the canyons. It would be stupid to put structures in that. So, people in Del Rio, Laredo, Brownsville, McAllen, etc… will be on the wrong side of the wall.

And there aren’t enough cuts they can make in the budget to keep the country going and build the wall.
Donald said that it could be done with a mere 8 Billion dollars. Well, damn it, if he wants to put up the wall he needs to put up the cash. He’s got a few billion in his bank account. Don’t know the exact number because the Republicans are too chickenshit to allow scrutiny, almost like they and Trump have something to hide, like the businesses in which they are vested and will be getting lots of Treasury money in the proposed Trump agenda.

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