So I asked myself, why Intel and Jim Parsons

Not the “intel community” supposedly trying to form a coup against Trump. I mean Intel the chipset makers.Why did they hire an actor who ordinarily plays a freakish super-genius to plug the Intel processors, why so many commercials, why the expense? Because Intel’s superior rival, AMD, is unveiling a new processor. AMD was almost taken down, not by better chips, Intel was always one step at least behind in reliability, speed and all the goodies that make one computer better than another. They weren’t outclassed by the Intel product. Intel had better marketing. It’s that simple. When Pentium II was the best Intel had attained, AMD was blowing their ass out of the water. It was the best processor not only speed compared to speed, but stability to stability. AMD was always reliable and just won’t burn a hole in your mainboard. For the marketing afore mentioned, the good people at Apple made a devil’s deal with Intel. So now a newer, faster and more reliable processor comes up over the horizon very soon. Intel is pulling out all stops to get branding as many customers as possible before AMD starts chewing their collective arse once more. Yeah, it’s got political implications. For one, AMD is made in India and the looney tunes person in the Oval Office has offered a trade war backed by threats of real blood wars with East Asia.

How messed up is that? We the People will be “protected” from buying what we want from whom we choose. Our illustrious Capitalist in Chief is going to tell us with whom we may spend our money. And just by a bizarre co inky dink it’s his business cronies.

Makes me all warm/fuzzy/safe all over. Want to buy an eBike kit? Well, you’ll just have to wait until a US manufacturer decides it’s oky dokie to build and sell the kits. That’s just one example. All Hail The Trump Benign Dictatorship! It’s all for our own good. Trump and his cronies have spent a lot of time and money telling us so.

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