So I was reminiscing about the Bus Pamphlets

the ones with arabic songs and poetry left on city bus seats and bus stops, I believe in Atlanta. Got to remember a few things written down ten years ago, ah, the bad old days. But the new/old lynch mob mentality in America smolders for a while, catches a breeze or the comments of a really racist pig of a president to blow the flames into life again… How many Shoney’s Incidents or murders of dark skinned people because they “look like Iranians” (Olathe) or are black (New York City) or were dark of complexion and in a city aroused with hatred and get a Kangaroo Court trial, get exonerated and still have a jackass puke like Trump advocating you should be lynched anyway, (New York again) and all the other Hate crimes in between are committed or incited before the actions get called Hate Crimes like they really are? How many times can the Hate Speech presidency turn its head and pretend it just can not see, see that the flames are being fanned by people in extremely high office, like for instance the White House, that these actions are deliberately being incited for the political gain of Trump and his unholy disciples?

The pamphlets were printed out and left on bus seats with the English translations on the backs, one was a children’s lyric roughly equivalent of “I’m a little teapot”. And the question, in English “What did you think it meant?” Still some people thought it was terrorism, propaganda, whatever. It grabbed my imagination but I’ve forgotten where they were published, on a Quaker site I believe.

It’s time to resurrect that campaign. Who knows how many hate crimes it might forestall?  Each one would be a victory. Of course Colorado Springs has a Noble Law forbidding any such activity. Too bad. Means I’ll be an outlaw. It’s not like any law enforcement people every protected me. No big loss, that.

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