So ‘they’ think there is proof that King Arthur ruled in Scotland…

Like, whip-di-diddly doo… I mean, fake news on the hoof. What difference does one long-dead despotic asshole being from one end of the Island of Great Britain or another or if he’s simply a fictional character who is somehow a Celtic Messiah? He’s still dead, his kingdom collapsed while he was (supposedly) still alive and the most charitable bio of him held that he was a a bastard in the classic meaning, banged his sister Morgana and got all pissy because his best friend banged his old lady. And the earliest mention of him in history was by a monk named Geoffery of Monmouth who wrote it down 600 years after the story took place. Then there’s that Messianic twist. Born to be king, seriously? Come the hell on. That type of thinking has plagued mankind at least as long as there were people who could write about what happened. There might have been ‘good’ kings somewhere in history but there are a lot of The Other Kind and that is the actual norm. It’s living (alleged) proof that the whole nasty business should have been scrapped in the time of Nimrod. Uther Pendragon is alleged to be a refugee from a civil war in what’s now Syria and Turkey. He was like mint jelly and a sprig of parsley (On The Lamb) and no, I’m not taking it seriously. The best the narrative has done is to demonstrate that English Civilization is an oxymoron. The people who believe it, take it seriously and otherwise make a huge collective pest of themselves. They put in the bit about Mary Magdalene and the son of Jesus winding up in Glastonbury or Southern France or whatever local Hereditary Dictatorship. Sounds like the Founding Fathers bullshit we get oh so much of it thrown our way if we disagree with certain rat bastards right here at home. They know who they are…

All this to get to a point where I can pop up a completely gratutious reference to the Python Players… Strange ladies lying in puddles distributing swords is no basis for kingship… true Executive Authority comes by a mandate from the masses, not some farcical aquatic ceremony. If I went about telling everybody I was the bloody emperor because some moistened bint lobbed a scimitar at me, they’d lock me up, hadn’t they? They’d say I was a loon….

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