So, what were they doing at the synagogue?

The nazi “protesters” in Charlotte, you know. They and their ridiculous president keep saying they were only ‘defending’ themselves when one of their Storm Troopers rammed a car into a crowd. Only defending themselves waving around assault rifles. So why did they also besiege the Synagogue, during shabbat services? What’s their excuse for that? I know that some can’t separate the government of Israel from Judaism, Jewish ethnicity and for that matter Crusaders. Let’s for fairness appearance add in whatever fringe movement within Islam, Zen, Buddhism, Tao, the 7 million gods of India (I have no idea about the exact number nor did the British author who first published it)…. But the nazi marchers went after a Synagogue which wasn’t part of their announced itinerary. And that wasn’t the only discrepancy of their post-hate crime explanation/slash/excuse.

But Donald says they were defending themselves, and Donald is an honorable man…

And the fact he panders to the Netanyahu Lobby is enough to exonerate him of directing the nut-job alt-right attackers, who of course were only defending themselves. What this is so very reminiscent thereof, the Night of the Long Knives. on a sultry three days in early summer. The street thugs were pissing off the German public and they were in a position to head the Nazi party without Hitler. Is this the reason for the really off-the-charts behavior of American Nazis? An excuse for Trump to punish both Left and Right “extremists” but mostly all the most vocal opposition to his Regime? He’s already blaming “liberals” but neither left nor right are buying that freight train filled with bullshit. Maybe he’s offering a pardon to any of the Right wingers who ‘renounce radicalism’ and swear fealty to him.

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