Strange ladies lying in puddles distributing swords is no basis for kingship in Colorado

I get a little bit hopped up on that Monty Python routine every damn time somebody in the Royal Pain Family every time the Queen farts. The whole concept of 20 generations of European monarchy inbreeding somehow producing an elite bloodline is rubbish. Prince Charles is living proof. There’s a vague rumor that the Camelot myth and the notion that the British crown derives from the unwed mother of the child of Jesus Christ, is actually believed by the British Crown. Meaning the halfwits in chief of England. Not that they don’t have a serious congenital mental illness, you know. What’s hysterically funny is the notion they would have the intellect to pull off 1,800 years worth of conspiracy. So, there’s a guy here in Colorado who claims to be the rightful king of england. The funniest part of it is, his claim IS just as valid of any of the Buckingham palace crowd. That’s because true executive authority comes by a mandate from the masses. You know, like a president getting 46% of the vote doesn’t have. That sort of thing. There were a couple of books about a fictional Duchy (ruled by a duke) named Grand Fenwick, “The Mouse that roared” which has it’s really great moments. A small raiding party in the 100 Years War, English of course, enter the castle. Led by a partly educated peasant named Roger Fenwick.
Claimed the castle in the name of the King and introducing himself as a Duke. When the people asked what proofs of his claim he had, he drew his sword.

And buried it into the table, said every kingdom in the world had been founded on a pile of broken skulls and if it was good enough for a King it was good enough for a Duke. The suddenly former management of the castle quickly agreed.

Now, that’s the truth in its purest nakedness. But the dude in Colorado, who can say he isn’t the King? The whole concept of hereditary government is stupid. Like the closely related “Original Intent of the Founding so-called fathers”

But Allan V. Evans of Colorado apparently doesn’t care if he has to relearn how to spell “colour” and “honour.” He intends to move to England and claim the throne he says is rightfully his, via some weird family connection he probably found using ancestry dot com.

but of course, Dennis the Anarchist and his friends in the Anarcho-syndicalist commune have first dibs.

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