Tabloid News and why it’s relevant

First, consider and remember that Trump has a really short fuse, doesn’t hesitate to cry foul and then call his lawyers to sue people for libel or slander. And that he has a big enough stake in the National Enquirer (but unfortunately not a stake through his craven heart) that they are his biggest Media fan club. So here’s the latest headline… “TRUMP’S SECRET SUMMIT WITH PUTIN… they have a plan to” oh damn, I forgot the actual syntax of it but “to act together to (and the capitalization is theirs, not mine) DESTROY China!”

Wow. Talk about libertarian fundamentalism doctrine of not entangling in the affairs of Foreign Princes. It’s the classic use of the Oceania-Eurasia-Eastasia shifting alliances format. And supposing that Trump had no part in the scripting of the “news” article, we should see a big-ass media stompin’ rant about the Enquirer putting out Fake News, right? They do have the reputation, well deserved, of just making up shit as they go along.  Why do they assume Trump thinks it necessary or desirable to destroy China? I’ve trod this Vale of Tears two score and sixteen years and in that time China has not attacked the US. The times of war with Chinese factions like the Opium War, the kung-fu “Boxer” rebellion and their alliance with North Korea wasn’t directed to the United States and, come to think of it, nobody actually declared war, right? So what has China done to the U.S., like, EVER?

So these cats are taking his Royal Name in vain. To the point they are advocating, in his Unholy Name, the destruction and enslavement of a billion human beings, and instead of even politely asking them to stop reporting the plot, he’s been on a week-long plus screaming fit, getting all pissy about a report that he gets off to Golden Showers. Is it a sham, a cover-up, hiding the nefarious plot to enlist Eurasia in a war to destroy Eastasia? Calling Immanuel Goldstein… I honestly don’t give a fuck about his sex trips. Unless the sex acts had unwilling participants, that would make a difference. See how easy that was? A short paragraph and your dirty little mind is distracted from this China plot.

If anything the Chinese should do what Trump and his minions have advocated for years now, China needs to demand reparations for all the Capitalist illegal immigrants from Britain, France, Germany and of course the U.S.

If the Mexican government is, according to the Make America White Again crowd, in deep debt and owes the U.S. reparations for the alleged Crime Invasion into the U.S., why not make what’s sauce for the goose really IS sauce for the gander? I mean, other than the non-Anglo whites and the non-anglo-non-white persons who are served that treatment.

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