Terence Crutcher murdered by Tulsa Pig Betty Shelby, murdered again in “fair and impartial” trial

CNN said in a statement that’s not exactly Man Bites Dog observation that Cops seldom get charged, much less convicted, of the murders they commit. Pigs always get away with murder. Blonde Pig Betty Shelby did. And when the people, knowing she would walk from a Reverse Kangaroo Kourt proceeding, protesting still in the streets of Tulsa and indeed across the country., the Trump-voting White Supremacist Trash who say the exact same thing every time one of their Beloved Pigs gets away with Murder. The Pigs in Fremont Co Colorado beat, tortured, denied medical care as prescribed by his doctors John Walter at their torture chamber jail. Bunch of Nazi punks and I DO blame their mommas for their behavior.

Their Sow Mommies teach them from childhood that they’re better than anybody else and entitled to a privilege of killing anybody who doesn’t bow and kiss their Gestapo Jackboots. I blame their mommas because the nasty whores were too stupid and lazy to have abortions. Then raised and trained their nasty little piglets to be crybabies and cowards.They can’t handle it if somebody “disrespects” them by not bowing down to Their Royal Coward Lowness or “talking back” and they never fight one on one even if they have a person handcuffed. And they have Judges, prosecutors and Coroners who protect them from legal consequences for their crimes and a bunch of brain dead morons who will give the Pigs the benefit of the doubt but not their Victims. When The Murdered PERSON isn’t Creamy White and blonde they immediately start whining about how those Negroes complain when a black person gets killed by their “betters”.

And they do use that term, and a corruption of the word Negro. A cop gets away with murder and before any other discussion they start chanting their primo bullshit propaganda, which doesn’t change and never has and if they get their way it never will change. And like their Pig Masters they won’t fight one on one either. A simple case of White makes Right. Back the Badge, The Policeman is always right, anybody who gets murdered or tortured deserved to get killed, alle sieg heil am der amerikanisch 4th Reich, alle sieg am der uber-fuhrer Donald Trump, heil heil heil… ” Nuhrnberg rallies all over again. The fact they bring Christ into their hate speech is particularly offensive, not just to Christians. I’m putting this up on notmytribe first, actually second but as soon as I started to write it on Yahoo! news comments something “strange” happened to my computer, the text typed didn’t appear for several seconds before each letter was displayed. Deliberate? Maybe. It didn’t happen anywhere else.

The White Wing lunatics are perhaps literally up in arms in response to the protests. You can bet every Klansman in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Kansas is throwing his guns in the back of the truck and rolling for Tulsa.  Maybe the protesters will become armed and violent like the Klan and just like Betty Shelby. Maybe they’ll fight back and kill a few of the Fascist Rat Bastards. If so the Rat Bastards will have earned it.

John Walter was predominately white in complexion but did mention a touch of color in the family. Terence Crutcher was black. Doesn’t matter. Maybe the White Supremacists and their demented minions will realize something that transcends skin color. If their coordinated plans go through and they manage to get all the gentlemen of color in concentration camps, once they’ve “neutralized” the Negro Question, they’ll go after other ethnic groups, it’s an hysteric historic pattern, they have more than a century (500 centuries) of organized and documented “cleansing” experience and they also go after the most fanatic of their own supporters. Hitler did it with the Brownshirts. The pattern has been perfected over the past 5000 years since the dawn of history, the written documents that recorded the events, the names, places and strategies. The Bronze Age torture and murder and conquest lives on, without any change beyond adding new toys.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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