The Arlington/Las Vegas connection.

Which could include Arlington VA , Arlington TX, Las Vegas Nevada or Las Vegas or Nevada street here in the Springs. Yes it’s about gun violence. The two Arlingtons are named after the same person, a relative of Robert E Lee’s wife. The one in Virginia has a massive cemetery where most of the Silent Majority (Nixon used it in a different context, but the Roman version refers to dead people outnumbered living.) buried there are Americans killed by other Americans. And the starting point for the cemetery is on land granted to Mrs. Lee’s grandparents. And confiscated because her husband was in direct open rebellion. Which got a lot of Americans killed by other Americans. Most of whom did not have repeating rifles, Col. Gatling had his gun patented but he wouldn’t sell it to the Confederacy because he was an abolitionist and the U.S. refused it, because he was from Tennessee. By the way all this goes back and forth. If he had introduced it into that massive open-air slaughterhouse…. and it wasn’t a lick and a spit compared to the firepower of the assault weapons (And that IS a proper description) used in the slaughter in Nevada. The idea that “more guns would have prevented it” Bull Shit. The Police had more hands on more machine guns (Also an accurate description) and the NRA saying otherwise for many loooonnnnnggg years doesn’t make any difference in the face of less than a half hour on a hot night in the Las Vegas open air slaughterhouse. How many years, says ye? 1864 from 2017 is 153 years. The year before the Klan was formally instituted by a Konfederate Kriminal Kartel inkluding Nathan Bedford-Forrest who had his “men” murder American prisoners of war because they were black and was also the foundation of the National Rifle Association. by Union officers.

Enter Arlington Texas in the past 4 years. The NRA got all pissy because Starbucks and other merchants Just Said No to dumbshit rednecks bringing guns into Their Private Property and thus endangering the other patrons. If you’re that Fucking Scared to get a fucking cup of fucking coffee without packing heat that you probably didn’t have secured, unloaded, no magazine inserted, no safety lever engaged,you know the score… They’re The Fucking Rules You Agreed To Uphold in order to join the NRA…. then stay the fuck at home in your fortified double wide telling yourself how fucking brave you are and beating up your ol’ lady and the rug-rats. So the NRA at the national level had a boycott of Starbucks whose own rights to self defense, like not allowing machine gun toting bandits to threaten their customers… aren’t as “important” to the pistoleros. And in a massive hissy fit they occupied several street corners in Arlington Texas. Waving around their Killing Machines which aren’t suitable for ‘self defense’. Some of the Country Music festival, a lot in fact, had autoloading pistols. Make them feel ‘safe’. What the fuck would that have accompliced? Shoot blind into the huge wall of windows, which a pistol won’t be accurate at that range? Why would you fire into a crowd from the inside just as deadly stupid as shooting into the crowd from the outside? The “batman” shooter in Aurora, says ye?

Again, bullshit says me… There were other pistoleros in that crowd as well. With a really loud simulated gunfire from the movie, lots of loud bang bang noises, flashing lights, how the fuck would you choose your target? If other people had opened fire how the fuck would you know which flashes in the darkness were friend or foe? But you get the stupid editorial pieces about “well, if MORE guns were in play it would make everything safer.” Safer for whom? In Arlington Texas they had thousands of people in their line of fire no matter where they randomly chose to point the muzzles of their replacement penises. All to prove that they’re ‘responsible law-abiding citizens’ who are making everybody else ‘safer’. Sir, No Sir. Peddle the stupid argument to other stupid people. According to their website, Arlington National Cemetery I mean, there are “more than” 400,000 mostly soldiers who died with rifles in their hands buried there. Arlington Texas has 365,438 people. From their street-corner command posts they could have accidentally or intentionally virtually anybody in Arlington.

The course of action the NRA espouses STILL is to buy more guns from their corporate sponsors.

Not unlike the way the Pentagon does things.

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