The Drama-Queen-in-Chief, is he the commander-in-debt, bankrupt?

I published this elsewhere, on and Space 4 peace.Here’s some more… what if Trump is himself bankrupt… if his financial sector freinemies (that’s a corruption of friends and enemies
in case anybody is curious … but his professed hate of Wall Streetand the bankers, what if they have doubts of his ability to pay his loans… what if that’s the reason he’s scrounging big money projects
with a 100 day time limit… What if he’s overstretched… what if such a revelation of that would cause a bear market, and suddenly… what if they use their vast resources of a) a whole lot of pissed off ex-employees and suddenly jobless regulatory official and b) Beaucoup money to buy such agents to actually tap his phone calls… just, you know, protecting their hard earn.. uhmm, hard stolen money.
That kind of information would be quite well received to people who might lose billions apiece in a bear market. It would also explain the Congress –both houses –which are really a bunch of very rich elitists themselves, and are literally his co-signerson the debt which comes due in 50 days or so…
They, like Trump, have aloudly proclaimed disdain for bankers but they give the bankers a
butt-load of bread on a regular basis… What if they realize they won’t ever again get a huge windfall like the Real Estate Bailout….

What if that’s the reason the ReBubblyCons voted unanimously to hide the Drama Queen in Chief’s tax records? The half billion he had invested in the DAPL, did he really divest or did he pull a George Bush the First signing over control of Halliburton, the world’s largest Corporate Welfare client…to Richard Cheney who wasn’t officially a government official at the time… to avoid conflict of interest charges. Along with his enablers in the Congress –both houses– who didn’t even investigate it…

That half billion, which is about 20% of the total up front price… did he just do a sleight of hand? In his book Art of the Deal he goes on and on about doing basically no-funds check writing and hoping the projects make money quickly enough he can redeem the hot checks. What if the 8 billion he reportedly controls isn’t actually there?

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