The Lords Prayer and Trump

Fox News was whining about “Liberals attack Mrs. Trump for saying the Lords Prayer!” and I wonder which ones did say anything about it. Just about anybody who speaks to me happens to be a liberal, and none of them said anything against it. But the Lord’s Prayer is kind of a two edge sword, so really any of That Crowd saying it is .. well… if I’m at church and the Trumps (Bush did this a lot) did a surprise visit, I’d want to sit very far away from them, to avoid meteorites, lightning bolts and falling bits of ceiling.

It starts with Our Father who art in Heaven Hallowed be thy name.

That’s a trap. You don’t honor His name, you’re taking it in vain.

That’s one of His Top Ten.

THY kingdom come

That’s HIS Kingdom, not yours.

Thy will be done –self explanatory. Or maybe not. Oppressing people in lands far and near, well, that’s probably not His Will.

A lot of people go through Leviticus and skip stuff like Not Oppressing the strangers among you. Don’t forget they were about to invade a country none of them had actually seen and they had a bunch of their cousins fighting for or against them. And with loyalties that shifted with the sand. But, that’s a part of The Law. More on that.

Give us this day our daily bread well, that doesn’t involve getting another few million dollars, you ain’t going to eat billions of dollars worth of bread or anything else in your whole life, here’s a slam next…

and forgive us our trespasses, As We Forgive Those Who Trespassed against us whoa… that’s really conditional, ain’t it? You don’t forgive others but you dare to tell God to forgive you? (imagine this is actually being read by the Trump household) If you can’t forgive people making jokes about you? If you consider a disagreement as an “attack”? Are you really prepared to get back what you’ve given? and I’m very certain, without hearing any of the comments, that you’re once again going full-on candy ass crybaby about somebody not bowing down before you. There’s more but the point has been made. A lot of people know the whole prayer.

Remember this, the disciples asked Him to teach them to pray, and He started with “be thou not as the pharisees and the priests, who devour the living of widows and orphans, and for a pretense make long prayers”

Chez Trump is nowhere near perfect, just like every other household. Stop pushing you luck.

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