The power of protest

Newsweek reports that the “media” which is a really vague term, is responsible for Trumps’ inability to simply decree the health of the planet away with a stroke of the pen. According to the Whiner In Chief. Those danged ol’ news outlets scrutinizing the ways he’s been trying his little heart out to give his Corporate Asshole Assets a free pass, which would move a lot money from the public sector and placed it in his bank account. And those of his comrades, of course. Bad, wicked naughty reporters! And those protesters at the airports and the streets of America, all pointing out that he doesn’t have the unanimous or even majority support of the Americans who voted against him. Or even the unanimous support of the ones who DID vote for him, apparently there’s the not really published notion that a huge chunk of what he calls his “base” were only voting against Clinton and vice-versa. Doing the math, you know, having only about two thirds of the voters he got actually wanting him in power, and that really not as enthusiastic as he keeps saying. Neither nor HRC got 50% of the vote, so the “majority” either claims just isn’t there. Majority means More Than Half. Shame shame on the press for telling the truth often enough they can’t be accurately described as Fake News. Something about an obvious Fascist gunning for the free press just rings an awfully loud emergency alert to people who, like me, interpret that as a prelude to full scale suppression of Free Speech and Free Press.

And his own official press denounces Freedoms of assembly and religion too. Imagine that.

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