This is one of their core beliefs…

Can’t testify about what the Odinist religious services would be like.  Not even curious. But there are people who use Christianity, with and mostly without scriptural authority. Hey, if you’re blaspheming you might as well go the whole courrse, right? It’s insidious rather than raw naked hatred. Fear and hatred walk hand in hand though. You might not have caught the nuanced phrases the Supremacists have been spewing about Not Being Replaced. They build their beliefs on many legs. One is that English ‘civilization’ is to replace any part of Hebraic beliefs. Islam, Judaism, Orthodox Churches, it goes on. That English as a separate RACE and blessed above all others and they believe the biblical promises to Isaac and Jacob and Moses have been translated to the English, and only the English. Get them talking about other European “races” and they’ll talk your ears off trying to explain it. They always seem so fervent, like they’re on acid or something. Nowadays Meth gets them on that road. But the next part is really scary and they teach it in churches to kids. The narrative is that Jazz, Swing, R&B and rock and roll is To Cast A Voodoo Spell On White English Kids To Bring Them Down To The Level Of The Negro. And this is to get Whites to not reproduce with Whites. I noticed the traces of it at the Juggalo rally at Washington DC this weekend. That being the multi-cultural fans of the band Insane Clown Posse. The White Supremacists who are flooding their hatred on every discussion forum on the Internet. Many of them are Artificial Intelligence Bots, which differ from the Limited Intelligence Human operators, only in the level of grammar and spelling. The Bots win. Their anti-gay agenda is built in the same way. And brings it “straight” back to their ‘suppression of English procreation’ FEAR. It’s the English version of le Tonton Macoute. A French boogieman. Southern U.S. French people, Creole and Acadien “cajun” people, some of them will give you a seemingly dope-crazed version of this and hasten to remind you they have English roots as well. They won’t be very coherent about it. There’s a lot of folk mythology like “why those Mixcans say they’re Injun but they’re not” and I’ll put it past the “read more” paragraph break.

A woman in her 70s told me this in 1983, my wife Martha shared a hospital room with her, she was from Cleburne, Johnson County, Texas. If you find yourself in Cleburne the only words of English you need to know is “how do I get back on the highway?” Anyway upon noticing that Martha and I were strongly Cherokee looking. she said “now, them Mixcans (yes, people do talk like that. Not all people but people) SAY they’re part injun but they’re not… see, they came up na-orth here and Stole Our Nigras and took them down an’ mixed with them and that’s why they’re called Mixcans” She also said Ft Worth was as far as she’d ever been from Johnson County. You hear the name Burleson, as in Kelly Clarkson of American Idolatry infamy and the “affluenza” kid who got drunk and drove into other traffic including parked vehicles and pedestrians. Yeah. THAT Burleson. The city limits and County line are one and the same. Johnson Co. is also dry. No booze allowed. Martha’s mom was from Joshua in Johnson County. It’s a thing, you know? In case anybody wants to examine my southern credentials, that’s a big fart of it. I dread hearing the words Burleson Texas. my first reaction is “oh no, what did those freaks done now?” I told my uncle, Dad’s twin brother,  what was said. He told me “yeah, there’s a mess of people down their who believe that” and told me some stories about when he and Dad were growing up in Cleburne. Light banter really, like “maps in Cleburne have only Johnson County and they believe the world drops off at the County Line” and the maps have “here be dragons” written at the county lines, and Dallas is a myth they use to frighten children.

Just in case you were wondering about what type of people would believe the Nigra Music being a voodoo spell to replace the English Race. There ARE sensible and intelligent and educated people even in those backwaters. Jim Hightower for instance. It’s just that the dumbass ones talk a lot more than the sensible ones.

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