Those statues they’re taking down honored REBELS. Let that sink in.

If we’re really aiming to discredit historic personages who faught for slavery we’ve got a lot more statues to take down. The Alamo first responders come to mind. Boone, Crockett, and gang delivered the Texas territories from Mexico which had abolished slavery there. Gringo Texas land grabbers needed slaves for their intended plantations. And we can go back to the colonial declarers of independance, who resented taxation without representation. What was England trying to foist on America without representation? ABOLITION OF SLAVERY. The statues being taken down in New Orleans are no doubt going to rich collectors to decorate vast private gardens. There the statues wil definitely be appreciated for overt racist and segregationist themes. In the historic town centers where those monuments belong, those statues celebrate REBELS. Let that sink in.

Before the victors chose the title “Civil War” for their prerogative to write the history, it was called the War of Rebellion.

When Honest Abe heard the news about your fall,
The folks thought he’d call a great victory ball.
But he asked the band to play the song “Dixie”
For you Johnny Reb and all that you believe.

‘Cause you fought all the way, Johny Reb, Johnny Reb.
Yeah, you fought all the way, Johnny Reb.

That’s what those statues are about, you Freedom-Fries munching knee-jerks!

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2 Responses to Those statues they’re taking down honored REBELS. Let that sink in.

  1. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    Yeah, the punk on the pony in the intersection of Nevada and Platte, too. It would be better off in the PARK right next to it. When people make their graven images it’s automatically none of my business, unless they do stupid things with it. I could legitimately join the Sons of The Confederacy, except it’s a Klan front group. And my sisters could join the DAR but none of them will. Something about hanging around grown women who seem to be re-living their Prom and Homecoming dances.
    It goes right along with the whole statue theme. The Southern generals and really anybody above the rank of captain was in the westward conquest in one capacity or another. They’ll be celebrating it this weekend. Somehow when Palmer is being praised as the ‘founder’ of Colorado Springs the fact there was already a town here which acted as the state capitol before he hired the workers to lay the tracks which gained him a lot of real estate under the Railroad Act just for basically filling out paperwork and signing checks. It’s that way anywhere anyhow. Churches and Libraries dedicated to the most heinous of thieves and murderers, and if you wanted to find the worst felons in town just look at the placard at the biggest church, see who’s the major contributors and go from there.

    The confederate statues serve the same purpose.

  2. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    Of course, ISIS and al Qa’eda have the status of Rebels in the ‘civil’ war in Syria and ISIS just 3 years ago were steadily taking ‘priceless antiquities’ in Nineveh and destroying them. It’s the Law of Moses. The Jewish religion doesn’t allow the pictures depicting Moses because they’re graven images, and there’s a lot of evidence in the old testament they killed lots of their fellow Israelites for doing so, but some Christians and Jews get really pissy when it comes to Muslims not permitting the depiction of Moses, or Jesus, or Mohammad it’s Terrorism. To confuse people even more, the ‘rebels’ in Syria are ‘terrorists’ in Iraq and Turkey. There is also the statues and pictures of Saddam having earned him a fatwa and Tariq Aziz, the right hand man of Saddam is Christian. For some reason that doesn’t come up in the hate speech of Western Media.

    Confused? You won’t be after this week’s episode of Dope…

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