Trump and his posse plan to raise funds by selling “federal assets”

But Trump and Perry in particular have a notion that Indian lands belong to the Federal Government. Just what do they believe will happen when the Tribes respond with violence instead of peace? Maybe I should write that a little more clearly. We got the federal okey-dokey long ago, along with dual citizenship, to keep firearms. And on the Rez it’s up to the tribal government what one may or not possess or carry around, at least within the confines of the Rez. A lot of it is for defense against really large, hungry wildlife who have a history of eating people. But some, you know, is for invasive species like pigs. There was a little dust up several decades ago, you might have heard of it, at a place called Wounded Knee. The Lakota in the 70s had to give the Army the full-metal jacket version of the upraised middle finger. While Natives don’t make up the majority of veterans, Veterans are a very large proportion of the people.  Uncle Stupid gave a lot of guys a short vacation from the Rez, the inner cities and podunk redneck towns. They called it the draft, and as of now it’s the economic draft. You don’t quite know how big a mistake to join until you’re already joined. Just a little ol’ thang, don’cha know. The experience is kind of a pissoff when it comes down to it, and they chase down and imprison you for leaving early. Unless you’re rich like George Bush. But he’s not in this equation.

The tribes are unified now, a lot more so than the time the Seventh Cavalry got chopped up.

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