Trump declares war on the Baldwins, like South Park movie?

Out of all the pure Crap the Drama Queen in Chief has on its plate, you know, dismantling health care, making sure no Plutocrat Captains of Industry have to bear the struggle of the EPA demanding they at least bury their toxic waste, taking personal ownership of Indian Lands or just the resources on those lands, canceling Meals on Wheels (sorry, grandma, you don’t get any food because Trump needs more guns and bullets to make him believe he’s a macho badass), putting out an open season-kill on sight license to assassinate anybody who has brown skin like in Olathe, you know, important shit like that… but that’s not his biggest problem. No sir, the hated infidel Alec Baldwin is mocking his Royal Pain In The Assness, and must be stopped! Waaahhh…. This would be funny if it wasn’t actually real. The president of about 30 percent of the people (and dropping) is actually contemplating punishing an actor for making fun of his hysterics.

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