Trump says he was ‘seeing things’

Ok, just all of these are about stuff that’s just wrong. The first is about the Drama Queen in Chief having a little bit of trouble with hallucinations. Maybe it’s the Ghost of The Obama Administration slipping him 20 mikes of acid in his energy drinks every day. People at the White House, DON’T LEAVE UNATTENDED FIREARMS AROUND HIM! He’ll be shooting imaginary leprechauns and pixies while screaming “always after me lucky charms! They’re tragically malicious” (shout out to St Paddy’s day which is tomorrow)

The fellow in Oklahoma reported below, was it a Senator and another person who is a Trump Supporter or is it just one person who is both? Enquiring mindless readers want to know. It reminds me of the report of Adolph Hitler personally arresting his boyfriend Ernst Rohm, who was supposedly in bed with a boy, in the Night of The Long Knives purge of his Brownshirts. Then shot him to death in his cell at Spandau.

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