Trump says he’s sorry we don’t condemn the storm troopers he sicced on us.

I made the title kind of sidewise because that’s what his condemnation of “all sides” looks and sounds.
Klansmen are the longest-running Terrorist group in America. Their Leaders, like Robert E Lee, were too cowardly to stand up for the rights of all humans, even slaves, to freedom. Lee didn’t denounce the Klan, didn’t denounce the slave codes which allowed the lazy plantation aristocrats to rape or even kill their ‘property’ laws prohibiting the slaves from being paid for their labor or to learn to read and write. They attacked schools first of all, and churches. Why? Because they were too lazy to learn anything. The Klan prey upon the fears of ignorant whites to this day, and their terrorism target saturday was another school, a University. Trump condemned the people who opposed that terrorism attempt right along with the terrorists. The terrorists who backed his election. The ones he quietly denied being his base. He lied then and he’s lying now.

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