Trump to be impeached, hooray! oh, wait a minute…

If the dumbshit is put out of office by impeachment, which has happened exactly never, Pence would be president. The problem with that is he’s just as fascist and control freak as Trump, but also has more political savvy. The plan worked perfectly for them. No way in Hell would Pence have gotten within sniffing distance of the presidency, because he’s well known for his racist (More so than Trump, which is difficult to imagine) misogynistic, (again, difficult) and more directly Chicken Hawk than even Reagan, Bush Jr and Bush the Not As Stupid rolled into one. He spouts off about MacArthur as though Big (mouth, ego, ass)Mac was ever an elected official. Pence even offends hard-core fascists. For a brief time in my life-span we had a President and President of Vice who were not elected. To save the worthless hides of Nixon, Agnew and Kissinger, also Eisenhower’s boy who is also a pestilent fellow and married to Nixon’s daughter. Some in the Tea spectrum of the party, like Simple Sarah and her followers, actually believed that IF Obama would be impeached, then Sarah would have been president. These aren’t the most rational of voters by the way. So they rigged the election by skipping those states which they would most likely lose, like Colorado, and work up the majick number in the Electoral College. To be fair, so did Hillary. Expressed will of the people? Hardly. The EC was put into place to placate and empower Slave states. Where the slaves were given the status of (for “representation”) 60% of a “real” person apiece. For representation the slaves were deliberately denied and excluded. The story synopsis: The EC was built and continues as a bald lie with the power to give the most stupid and racist cracker clowns Executive Power.

It’s how Emancipation was prevented for almost a hundred years (four score and seven) after the Declaration of Independence. The slaves, women (universally slaves without any racial boundaries) children and Natives were counted for representation by the House … and the EC, which they never got. Kind of like darker skinned, funny sounding names or otherwise not White Anglo Saxon Protestants will ever get from Representatives like Doug Lamborn. Who is probably on the short list as President in charge of Vice under Pence.

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