Trumpistas, flagging and what might be done about it

The Trumpistas are getting a little bit pissy about their idol being mocked. There’s a fellow named Craig who has a List, pretty neat stuff but on the Free Speech page (Rants and Raves)  any cellar-dweller punk can take down what’s been written. Of course, the author is free to re-submit the same thing and so might anybody who agrees with him/her. So once again a post about Mr Trump and his mindless minions claiming that a person (Republican but still a person) had an anti-Trump sign at a Trumpista Rally three days before the botched election, was somehow an assassination attempt…. Got flagged. And replaced with the following

Not that I give a damn about his sexual kinks, given the notion that it isn’t rape.
His real crimes, the ones not “alleged” but which come from his own arrogant mouth, yeah, let him put himself in a position to be prosecuted under impeachment. Shit like calling for a lynching of people, the Central Park 5, for a crime which they did the time even though they were proven not guilty.

You know what? Since the incoming Bitch In Chief did say that, repeatedly, on camera, even during the election campaign, and repeatedly voluntarily and with no coercion admitted to ripping off a foreign nation, Libya, by fraud, those are heavy duty crimes. In New York his pet prosecutors, Giuliani and Clinton (guess WHICH Clinton) have persisted in not even investigating these crimes.

Instead they prosecuted homeless people, giving them mandatory maximum sentences for begging, stealing bread and sleeping under bridges. Because the homeless people aren’t wealthy like The Commander in Thief, who was born with a 100 million dollar silver spoon trust fund but tells anybody stupid enough to believe him that he’s a “self made” success. And his tame Pig minions, just like PIGS everywhere, bow down and kiss his ass because he’s rich. But if the PIGS ever do the job everybody pays them to do (that includes the courts at all levels) the call-out to murder people Because Of Their Skin Color and Economic Status is called sedition, and If They Do Their JOB he’ll be charged with that.

Actually it wouldn’t make any difference what race or social status. Murder is murder. If any of those men get murdered he’ll be an accomplice before during and after the fact. Since he has the Klan and other racist morons on his side, maybe he had a hand in the retarded bitch Evan Ebel shooting a pizza delivery man, the director of prisons in Colorado and a cop in Texas. He had to get his orders from somewhere, Nazis don’t think for themselves. See, THAT is a crime. Colorado and Federal Laws make Association a felony. Except for the cops, courts and rich bitches. Like Clinton and Trump.

The punk-in-chief and the police and prosecutors who protect the privileged class, never put hand to hammer or shovel or any other type of real work. But he apparently has a bunch of people who ARE working class who believe he’s just like them.

For anyone but especially Working Class people to vote for him is sheer stupidity.
Is it a coincidence that the same people do that Back the Badge and Blue Lives Matter bullshit, where they worship the Police Gang? Fuck anybody who doesn’t like me writing that. It’s not like you’ll do anything to me about it, at least not one on one.
You quite simply don’t have the courage, just like the pigs themselves, to even think or speak for yourselves. It’s why you hide behind your courts and other criminal gangs. The Klan, Minutemen, Aryans, Nazis, all of them rallied around Trump. Have fun trying to enforce HIS police-state dictatorship. Most americans voted against him. America was never yours, you aren’t going to “take it back” for the white so-called race.

You know why not? because your comrades are pussies too. I’m Brother Jonah, and I approve this post. I know some chicken-shit flagger is going to try taking this down, you know, rule Craigslist from his mom’s basement.

And I finished up with my post from yesterday. See, this they can’t flag. And all I have to do with the inevitable flagging is re-post it.

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