US taunts Syria with chemical weapons game: stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself!

How does America know that Bashar Assad is planning a chemical attack against his own people? The same way we knew last time, because ’twas America who done it. And it’s the same refrain the US has used everytime. Saddam launched a chemical attack against his own people. We’re worried that Saddam will resort to a chemical attack against his own people. Though of course, no trace of chemical weapons was found. Surprising that, because America HAD SOLD HIM chemical weapons. Same in Assad’s case. This time they’re already in our possession. We have our covert proxies use them on absolutely whoever (Assad’s own people) and blame it on Assad.

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  1. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    Remember the whole Churchill v UC lawsuit and what they objected to his writing? About the smallpox blankets sold to Chief Pontiac and his tribe because Pontiac insisted on payment for their paramilitary service.

    Kind of a micro-economic lesson for our much larger pattern, Amherst said they should farm and hunt for subsistence, while and at the same time fighting wars for the New Corporate Overlords. Amherst-Harry Lee-Washington, yeah, those guys. Trouble is, if you’re fighting a war it’s hard to do the farming and hunting chores as well. We’re experiencing more debt than can be redeemed, no matter what the ruling class do. Or more accurately have their servants do it for them. Aside from abdication, take what they can carry and go somewhere else. Which isn’t very likely. They “corporate welfared” Syria and other client states into a similar corner. Notice I turned a noun into a verb. Clever lad, I am.

    One of the things they simply can’t budget is for the stabilizing and then removal of the one armory here about which I bitch much. The one filled with American Nerve Gas. Maybe they’re hoping it will go off on its own. Then they can say oh hell o well, nothing we can do now.

    Funny how they also demanded that Saddam give up his entire arsenal while their economy was frozen assets in US and European banks, people were starving and so forth, on a deadline that the Modern Sophisticated U.S. Army can’t or simply do.

    Maybe they’re considering doing it anyway because they feel they haven’t been as diligent poisoning Americans than they would rather do.

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