What makes a Bircher more nervous than bi-racial families?

The son of their dope connection telling the truth. No, neither of Ronald Reagans dope dealing asshole hypocrite sons, but Pablo Escobar’s son. Said, yeah, we sold a lot of cocaine to U.S. government CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENTS. Now, the secret of blow is, most of the cocaine derivatives like lidocaine are legal. Not even prescription in such stuff as sunburn lotion, foot-funk de-funker, toothache salves, and then there’s the pharmaceutical prescription potions. For the pharmaceutical companies, the last price I ever saw was in the late 70s for legally obtained cocaine, pure bolivian snow, was 55 dollars A POUND. When a gram of not-pure was going for 80 on the street. So why would the government agents want to circumvent the import laws? Well, there’s a lot of dynamics. One is that keeping shit illegal keeps the price up. In 86 weed was almost non-existent in El Paso. Where you could walk across the Rio (wetback? No, scratchback. you just wait till the water was really low, go walk across and you’d scratch your back going under the fence. Stupid joke but illustrative.)

Here’s the funny part. Before the border lockdown War on Drugs that lasted a few months, weed was 50 dollars an ounce. And coke was about a hundred a GRAM. 28 grams is an ounce. For those who never had a crash course in metric to English conversion. Just saying. But in 86 all of a sudden there was so much coke on the street that really poor people were SMOKING it. The Crack revolution. Only the rumors kept flying and the republicans and especially the birchers hotly denyin’ and everybody else fryin’ (this is your brain… this is drugs… this is your brain on drugs… this is your brain on drugs with two strips of bacon, toast, 3 pancakes and coffee, served hot for 4.95 any time day or night, at the International House of Brains.. where you’ll like our prices, and you’ll love YOUR BRAINS)

The rumor was that Ollie North, along with Reagan’s sons, who had the reputation of being the biggest coke dealers in California and part of that was Daddy Reagan had all their competitors arrested and jailed for very long times. Zero Tolerance unless your daddy happened to be the Governor. Then when he hit the big time as President all hell broke loose. Literally. His partner in crime was one George Herbert Walker Bush, appointed to be Nixon’s head of the CIA, cleared for takeoff by his own Daddy, Senator Prescott Bush. Who helped his grandson draw a get out of vietnam free card. See, if your Daddy is head of the CIA and his Daddy was a U.S. Senator who served on the Intelligence and Military and Un-American Activities Senate Committees, you can get away with desertion from a Champagne Outfit Texas Air National Guard appointment, all kind of neat shit and if the po-po get too close your Daddy calls them off. And they talk much smack about it being done by the Kennedys . But with the coke sales they not only got to poison people in the inner cities, Chemical Warfare against Americans, but they used the profits to pay for some of their illegal wars. And give errr Sell dangerous weapons to really dangerous people and they’ll use those munitions to blow away 300 Marines in Beirut. Nice People

But, you see, the Bush and Reagan and Cheney families have been, for decades now, denying any part of this. There’s at least one idiot in the Springs who has a bumper sticker promoting Ollie North for president. And denying the Reagan coke connection. The two Reagan bastard sons, at least one of them is a Televangelist who also writes lies for Fox news to report. And Ollie has a Fox show.

Pablo Escobar was blown away by a U.S. assassination squad. They weren’t about to bring him to trial and have him telling the truth.

Dead Men tell no tales. But their sons might.

All this Daddy worship they’ve been doing is Oedipal in the extreme so you’ll pardon me if I take to the other half and call them Mother F……s.

It’s worse than the plot of Hamlet.

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