Minnesota Pig blows away a blonde woman from Australia

40-year-old Justine Ruszczyk…

minnesota murder victim

the Fascist Fanatics of FOX and Trump are going to have a little more difficulty putting their Back The Badge touches on this one. One, in particular,(on yahoo) commented in the case of an Oklahoma man being shot repeatedly in the back (as usual) and the cop who murdered him got away with it, referred to the victim as “the big Toad” and bleated the standard Policeman Is Always Right argument that her fellow Cop, the coroner, had found traces of PCP. Given the ongoing investigation into drug tests and how ridiculous the false positive diagnoses that part is easily refuted, except White Trash don’t think logically, just think do and say as their UberFuhrer Trump directs them.

The “toad” crap is a prison slang used by Aryan Brotherhood and their splinter groups to describe a black person. That kind of indicates where that punk’s head is.

In another shooting in 2003, in Louisiana, 25 year old Marquise Hudspeth was shot in the back 8 times by an all-white assassination squad (who fired more than 20 rounds, so much for the White Southerner being an expert shot) after being told to put down his cell phone. Then they all perjured themselves by saying they thought the cell phone might be a gun.

The Klan and especially David Duke had a fund-raising barbecue for the pigs’ “legal fees” which is in itself Bull Shit of such a high order it deserves a third syllable, Bull shee-it, as the Parish Attorney represented them at taxpayer expense.. and of course none of them was fired, far less actually prosecuted. David Duke got his message nationwide that the Klan is an auxiliary Police agency, while every cop in Bossier City/Shreveport was stuffing his snout with barbecue and exactly none of them denied David Dukes description.
Donald Trump and the rest of the Back The Gestapo ooopsie I mean “Back the Badge” fascists say that it’s not a racist thing, that the Make America White Again movement and Trump being endorsed by every Nazi, Klan and other Fascist group in America were “fake news”, but hey, they never rescinded their endorsement and continued support.

Usually Donald would sue anybody who says anything he declares to be slander or libel. Why is he not suing the Klan and their clearinghouses StormFront and Alt-Right fanatics? His Veep, Attorney General Sessions, his Energy Secretary Rick Perry and Education Sec DeVos are all confirmed Supremacists. They prove beyond any doubt that the so-called “white” so-called “race” is NOT supreme.

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