Whither the eschatologists of yesteryear?

Like Tim LaHaye, or Billy Graham’s son? I mean, I know what Graham is doing, he’s got a gig with Decision Magazine which is all about Christians who Hate Everybody Else. The Chaplains in the jails around the country hand that crap out and teach prisoners, lots of them, to attempt to bully other inmates into believing their hate speech. One thing Graham, his more famous daddy, and LaHaye made a big-ass production out of prediction. Their eschatology said that anybody who reunified Jerusalem under Israeli government would be a probable candidate to be Antichrist. Only that main character is now the President of the United States. So, why would they suddenly shut the Hell up about it now? Are they false prophets under the influence of satanic doctrine? Dobson, too. His organization provides volunteer chaplains to CDOC, to preach their hatred, and he’s closely tied to LaHaye. So, what’s the haps? Why are they avoiding the obvious, at least as preached in their prior sermons?

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