Why the constant Trump Thumping?

Well, it’s like Bush Bashing. Or holding Obama responsible for his actions, or the police or any other governing entity. In a tax-subsidized democracy or if you’re of the right wing sort, republic.  Either way, we pay these assholes. They’re our servants, supposedly. Now, Trump says he isn’t taking a salary to be president. He lies. His executive orders, if completed, will put money into the businesses in which he’s invested. When his disciples say he isn’t doing that, they’re repeating a lie they were told to repeat. It’s a religious thing. He’s their god. Now, there’s a flip side to thumping the chump. In Pavlovian Conditioning, which he gleefully uses to keep his cult members in line, it’s part of advertising and he uses advertisement a lot. … but in PavCon that’s my new name for it, negative behavior is punished and positive behavior praised. The second part is just as essential to reinforce positive actions. The problem is, there hasn’t been ANY positive behavior. Aldous Huxley put it straight up at a time when Donald was just a kid. In the second book of his famous series, Brave New World –revisited, he did a cursory overview of Pavlov’s research.  How deep did it go? Well, you remember 7th grade Health class?Yeah, that little tiny microscopic itty bitty teensie weensie excerpt about ringing the bell just before feeding the dogs?

Well, that’s about all you learned in school unless you took third year psychology in COLLEGE. Pavlov was, to mind, the Dr Strangelove of capitalist philosophy. Which, by the way, is Evil. The capitalists who actually make money keep reinforcing their lies that anybody can become wealthy through diligent service to the capitalists who actually make money.. You can’t make a meaningful profit from investments if you’re making minimum wage. Which is itself being attacked by Trump and all of his capitalist accomplices. Walmart for instance. People who have become a corporation, like Hive Mentality. To incorporate is to give away your own individuality. Even the CEO. The Wall Street Journal, before they changed their collective name to WSJ just like the corporate slaves of Kentucky Fried Chicken were lumped, without their full consent (Brainwashed slaves don’t have any possibility of “consent”, the chains are within their own collective mind) into being KFC. Now KFC is bringing back the imagery of The Colonel which was brought into being in the 30s, for that restaurant, which is now a part of Pepsico or what’s that other big beverage marketer which owns the other chain restaurant-snack machines- etcetera. But when Harlan Sanders started the restaurant he took an iconic slave-owner Confederate symbol. At the time there actually WERE Civil War veterans alive. You want to get a comparison, it was 70 years since the end of the war. They were like World War 2 veterans are now. That’s the image, racist as all hell, chosen at the beginning. The name was changed and the image blurred to attract black people to the store. Now they’re bringing it back.

Oh, did I go off the track a little bit? The Wall Street Journal wrote in the 70s the formula we use in the Occupy movement. The bit about ten percent of the population control 75% of the wealth. Not just in America or in Capitalist countries, but in any economic system. And that 1% of the population well, you know the rest. All because of Neo-Pavlovian Conditioning, which the established dictatorships both political and economic, smelling a sweet method of gaining and holding, in perpetuity, the wealth of the world. Marketing, consolidation of the wealth in an increasingly static economy where upward mobility, a phrase of their own invention, is more restricted than ever before.

The thief in the White House is going for the whole thing. He and his accomplices do it in the name of Jesus as well.

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