Why the Crybaby in Chief lost his ass on casinos.

It’s hard to actually lose money if you’re The House. Like the fictional Montgomery Burns on the Simpson said: “It’s amazing, people come in, give you their money and leave! You don’t have to sell them ANYTHING!” Actually, though, Trump did that. One problem he has is a poker misconception. People know that in poker if you can run a successful bluff, like having no pairs at all or any other hand that can conceivably win. A four flush of 2-3-4-5-7 say the first four are clubs and the last a diamond, you have exactly no chance winning on the merits. Unless you can make people think you have an actual straight flush. You have to be really good at bluffing. If you have any kind of Tell that other players can see as a sure pure actual lie detection habit, you’re sunk. BUT everybody in the world who has played poker and intends to do so again, has the absurd notion that 1. Every other person has a Tell that he can exploit and 2. Thinks he himself is without a Tell.  Trump has a huge weakness. The more he is without a winning hand, the more loudly he threatens. The amount of belligerence he’s showing right now, shows he has exactly NOTHING in his “hand”.

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