Women’s March

The response on one of our adjunct sites, one writer scribed thus: Edward Bernays. In short, it’s supposed to be like a sham event where a large number of women “lighting up” in a suffragette protest action long ago. My question, though, is this… What good would have been accomplished if the women’s march hadn’t happened? What changes were wrought by those who didn’t march? We get that a lot, yeah? Like why do we even bother demonstrating. You know the shit. What real good was done by compliance with the Fascist perpetual dictatorship in America? People who don’t even try, criticizing those who did. Some of them are maybe movement sympathizing folks who really have concerns about it.. OR… maybe false flags, saboteurs and provocateurs, and dare I say, (why, yes, I do!) poseurs?

Nothing ventured, isn’t that an English proverb? I’ve got sisters and aunts who say “why do we insist on equality to men? that’s a step down!” but that’s just a joke (I hope) but the truth is, the “free”sisters were just as much property as the slaves. for a longer time. There’s a legend that Martha Washington had her husbands will granting her ownership of the slaves, with the condition they not be emancipated until her own death. According to the story, she emancipated them as soon as the will went through probate. It doesn’t make much sense to have such a provision if, indeed, he wanted to have them emancipated at all. Sounds like a fat load of hu-wi to me. That’s Cherokee and it means Hu Wi. Sounds like people wanting, after both G and M Washington were buried and nobody could contest the tale, to make it like GW was somehow stricken in his heart that he had human beings as property. I’m calling bullshit.

mountvernon.org says

Slavery Learn more about George Washington and the enslaved population at Mount Vernon.

At the time of George Washington’s death, the Mount Vernon estate’s enslaved population consisted of 317 people. Washington himself had been a slave owner for fifty-six years, beginning at eleven years of age when he inherited ten slaves from his deceased father. Washington’s thoughts on slavery were contradictory and changed over time. This evolution culminated near the end of his life; Washington’s will mandated the freeing of his slaves upon his wife’s death, making him the only slaveholding Founder to put provisions for manumission in his will.

Yeah, whatever. He started out with ten and wound up with 307 more. Doesn’t sound very promising of him actually being an abolitionist.

Of course that’s a divergence. Back to the real story. According to the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia Martha wouldn’t be allowed to emancipate them either. Because, as a woman, she was born a slave. First to her father who gave her away to her husband. If any word of the Mount Vernon account was true then she was one smart and very sneaky lady. Right on sister, right on.

So sometimes the Movement for equality got sidetracked or even duped. Shit, the entirety of America have at one time at least told that we’re all one big happy family of a nation with liberty and justice for all and whatever other puke we were supposed to swallow and to declare it delicious. Trump gets hung up really tight about people loving him. Too bad for him. It’s a weakness we can exploit without any remorse.

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