Yahoo News comments about Racist pending attack on N. Korea

Which they deny is racist or fascist of course of course. Like Mr Ed’s last words were famously “a corpse is a corpse, of course of course” at the risk of me beating a dead horse. I responded to a couple of really misguided posts yesterday, one of which I had to sleep on it before further evaluation. Some dumb arse who supports bombing Pyongyan said it was necessary to do so because Kim is quote “a fat slant-eyed gook”. Of course that would also refer to any of Trumps foes or friends in the region as well. And I know from experience that the most arrogant bigoted Fascists, the ones who believe that North Korea needs to be “put in their place” actually believe that Asians should bow down to il Douche Trump the same way as the mentally and morally impaired Right WingNuts like the Klan and anybody else who was stupid enough to support or vote for him. Fortunately, and I never get tired of pointing it out, they’re a minority. And while and at the same time in a repetitively redundant kind of way, they insist they’re NOT religious, racial and politically racist Boitches who are too cowardly to fight their own battles and too stupid to find the recruiting office

. Nazis, Republicans and other fascist scum. Now, if any of you want to discuss that, don’t bother calling me a liar because I point out their racist fascist doctrine for what it is, you can find your Fellow Travelers and yes I used your rancid anti-communist propaganda phrase, sue me, but you really need to tell your retarded comrades not to pop off with stoopid bool sheet about “slant eyed gooks”



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