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It’s about a FUX News commentary about the so called ‘Freedom’ Caucus whose only difference from the Trump Doctrine is they believe his medical care slashing agende is ‘not enough’. doesn’t take away even more REAL right to life in order to finance more wars.     The Chickenpoop in Chief threatening to ‘fight’? People in his economic class, and the ‘class’ of the Mostly White All Rich Congress don’t have any real grasp of the term “fight”. People from the 99% or for that matter the 85% (check it out, Wall Street Journal boasted of that stat when Reagan was the Thief in Command) the ones whose cumulative wealth is less than the top 5%… we’re the ones who will be called upon to do the actual violence, the actual baby-killing. Maybe the Skull and Bones Wall Street non-elite elitists have freshly killed kids flown in from the slaughter zones to be served as appetizers at their Jackal’s Feasts. They might as well.

The wars they start to augment their wealth, at the expense of everybody on the planet, including their own families, are murder. Once they cross the line of murder (by proxy because they can’t bear the thought of putting their own delicately manicured hands into danger of being dirty,,, same reason they don’t do any real work) they still have that blood on their souls. When they take the name of God to justify it they break yet another of the Ten Commandments, taking His name in vain…

When they go on and on about their Heritage to justify it, that’s dishonor to their parents, yet another of God’s top ten list.

Remember the “incubator babies” from the First Gulf War? Pure lies. They even had a Kuwaiti young woman, scion of their hereditary dictatorship, testify to being an eyewitness . Passed her off as a nurse. She was a daughter of a diplomat who had not been in Kuwait since she was a child. Bearing False Witness, God’s Top Ten again. Fox News, the author of the article we’re commenting, ate it up with a spoon and declared it delicious. Like the babies they devour at their banquets.

The George Bushes, including George Prescott Bush who is Land Commissioner (a position more powerful than Governor) of Texas, supposedly oppose Trump’s policies even though they’re the same policies they enacted. They’re his rivals, not his opponents. And GHW and GW both dropped a bunch of F bombs against anybody who challenged their lies and other crimes. G Prescott as his Uncle George, his Daddy, Grandpa GHW, well, really, are heavy investors in DAPL and Keystone, which not only rip off the Sioux tribes but are “test cases” for another dream they share with Trump,

They want to take all Indian lands and sovereignty. They already have buyers.
That’s thou shalt not steal. By the way the Clintons are also vested in that action.

Remember the term ‘rip-off’? They allowed the rascist/fascist North Dakota cops, national guard and other slave pigs to rip off the arm of a Medic in the Standing Rock encampment. With a grenade launcher. Not a single one of the pigs was prosecuted for their crime.

Remember the ‘F bombs’ the hypocrites including and especially Fox say are an ‘attack’ on decency? They’re mostly draft dodgers who never had a fight in their worthless lives, but they support the virtual cannibalism which is the essence of War.

But those are f-bombs dropped their opponents drop that get their dander up. The Bushes and their allies use it so often one gets the impression they describe their other crimes as a sexual assault on the entire rest of the world. They get sexually aroused, so it seems, by murder and theft and lies. That’s Adultery. The Churches they attend and pretend, they’re regarded as the Bride of Christ. That’s from the Revelation, in case you wonder. That means they’re cheating on their husband.

Hey, they defined the rules of engagement. They probably do all their crimes on Saturday (or Sunday, which isn’t really the sabbath) for a perfect score.

What does this have to do with Our Beloved Dictator in Chief pulling a blatant Police State Fascist stunt of threatening congressmen? The main reason is obvious: he wants to get rid of all non-war spending so he can take the riches under his own control, to plunder as he pleases. With no regard to the PEOPLE who will die in his wars foreign and domestic

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