Yesterday’s anti-Muslim Hate Rallies sort of fizzled…

Actually it was to urge an end to sha’aria which leads to some Interesting Questions: Is it going to ban halal food? Would Muslim PEOPLE be forbidden to worship? Are they being brought into the War on Christmas bullshit where people get all stupidly angry when say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas? Will Jews be forbidden to refrain from making pictures of Moses? (That’s a real thing, by the way) and would anybody who mentions that graven images are forbidden by Biblical Law? Will it be the end of Kosher? American Jews will no doubt recognize the signs. Will White Anglo-Saxon Protestants and just for shits and giggles let’s take off the protestant limitation and add in Catholics and Orthodox (Eastern and Russian) and Rastas and Mormons and take off the color barrier, and just cruise into the mindset of people who have a huge history of anti-American terrorism, like the KKK and the Indian Wars and sundry  street crimes committed by non-Muslim generic citizens, and men beating their wives, children and sometimes other familial forms, like Elder Abuse, you know, the types of violence which far outstrip any sha’aria customs? I mean, you listen to Country Music, all that crap about killing their wives and getting hanged for it, when the majority (probably) will get a much lighter sentence by calling it “in the heat of sudden passion”? By the way, thats a Real Thing too… Will the people who want the Ten Commandments prominently displayed in every public building, suddenly realize that they don’t actually keep the Law on their own parts? Except those commandments which they believe are a free license to hurt and kill, of course… Hypocrisy Kills. If you kill people in the name of God, you’re doing it wrong. If you kill people just for the fuck of it, well, you’re still doing it wrong.

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