92 Million Dollar Parade, started at 12M, to honor Trump ooops I mean “vets”

If this looks like me posting on yahoo, it’s because I DID. Enjoy.
Jonah Elijah 0 sec ago

This from a vet in a vast family of vets, the best way to “honor” us would be to bring all of the soldiers airmen sailors marines, close all 800 Occupation bases around the world not counting domestic bases. My God, we have more than ten times the entire Rest Of The World COMBINED (77) and most of those are NATO. Honor Wounded (or to make it simpler ALL) vets by not creating MORE wounded vets for the 1% Dictatorship, of which Draft Dodgin’ Donald is a life member.

Jonah Elijah 0 sec ago

Oh, my…. “only” 12M on the original prospectus… This is a prime example of Why The Ten Trillion Dollar Military Industrial Complex (Mostly) driven Deficit Which America Will Never Have The Resources To Pay It Down. And the Military, however formidable, is NOT going to take all the resources of all the WORLD that are not yet available to the Wall Street/K Street Thieves, and that would be caused by what activity? Oh, that’s right, Using Soldiers To Take The Resources Of Other Nations for the MIC profiteers. Who took the vast majority of that money? Banksters, Stockbrokers, Round up the usual suspects. Are THEY paying down the Perpetual War Of Conquest, Empire and Plunder? No, they are not.

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