A few bright spots…

The recent ‘victories’ the Ruling Party claim have quite a lot of booby traps. One is for the vote on Kavanaugh, let’s play that word “one” a little, shall we? Kava Kaveman got approved with 50 votes. Counting the one abstention from a Republican Senator, and two sellout Dems, and the numbers count has to have been some Republicans voted no. Because there was a numerical unbalance in favor of the Goopers. Just as a start. They’re running scared. The Republican elected and running for continuation County Clerk and Recorder Chuck Broerman for instance, is purging voters who are statistically likely to vote Other Than Republican, per the orders given by Trump. He canceled me and Miss Johnnie AFTER we registered our updated ID cards to our new address… Doug Lamborn, Klansman extraordinair, isn’t the Republican candidate. Doesn’t have anything to do with his legendary hypocrisy about Term Limits. Funny how Term Limits only applies to his opponents, in his one-person universe. So he’s going to split the Republican vote. Then there’s Standing Rock version 3.1 Drumpf has opened all Public Lands to his Coal/Oil/Fracking cronies at the standard use fee of 1.50 dollars per acre per year…

The Oily Bastards aren’t the only ones eligible, though… There’s an ongoing Water Rights lawsuit which was nominally settled in 1908 in the Supreme Court. 110 Fucking YEARS ago. Native American Tribes are supposedly the first priority for water rights, another Broken Treaty to mollify the councils into agreeing to the Reservation System.
Goddamn Teddy Roosevelt was president. BUT… since the obvious motive is to sequester every drop of water in all the watersheds and Give The Oil And Other Treasonous Industries to said Trump Cronies… the most efficient way to do it would be a long line one or two acres wide along every stream lake or river. CrowdFunding to the rescue. Would the thief in the white house allow it? No.

BUT he has every woman in America and the entire world well aware that he has declared violence against them to be Legalized. The hand that rocks the cradle, anyone? That’s a saying from a time when women were being imprisoned and or KILLED for merely mentioning gaining the vote. The Trumps and Kavanaughs ‘killed’ the Susan B Anthony dollar coin. Funny how a bunch of crybaby so called “macho” screeching and wailing and wetting themselves in a Hate All Women campaign could actually get that kind of a result in this Enlightened Society. But they did. The only way they got the Sacagawea coin approved was she was obedient to the White Male Masters.

Trump, Broerman, Lamborn, Sessions, Kavanaugh, Tim Allen, other Oversized Infant Woman Haters, you BOYS need to call your Mommas and beg their forgiveness. Except you aren’t man enough to do that. 500 words and I got all that said. Damn, I am GOOD.
Vote. 36% of eligible voters went to the polls. I’ll be merciful and say Trump got 41% of that. Hillary, who also didn’t get a majority, got more votes.

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