Ambushed PIG had contact with the dude who shot him.

(Updated Three Times. Fascists are Stupid.) But of course. People don’t hate the PIG scum without having the hate beaten into them while handcuffed and helpless. The “good citizens’ who never had a bad experience with the Police are those who lick the Police Boots. They accept being slaves and demand that all others bow down and worship THEIR Masters. The Pigs themselves were trained to suck up to their “superiors” and so on.  A retrograde to the old poem Great fleas have smaller fleas upon their backs to bite ’em And little fleas still lesser fleas and so ad infinitum.  But those of us who have been arrested for Talking Back or even beaten for  Talking Back, for the heinous crime of Not Worshiping them as gods, and especially who have seen their fellow resistance to tyranny, fascism and state-sanctioned MURDERS , well, Murdered. Like John Walter who was arrested and held in Fremont County without a hearing or a charge, and they beat him to death because he went into withdrawals from his prescribed BY REAL DOCTORS unlike the Jailhouse Quacks, and Marvin Booker who was arrested in Denver for preaching on a street corner, was subsequently called from his cell at 3 A.M. and exited the cell without putting on shower shoes, so the deputies beat him to death. Not one single PIG, a cop or judge or prosecutor in Colorado charged the murderers of John Walter or Booker with any crime. NONE. Let one of their PIG Comrades get what was due him, and  they rally not only their fellow cops but civilians to to help themselves to a Rage and Hate Demonstration. Soldiers, Bikers, Boy Scouts, chanting their message of Universal Assimilation and Obedience. Like Mussolini or Hitler or Stalin or any Non-American dictators with their rallies. American Dictators, especially the low level dictators like the Sheriff of any county and his minions, well, they’re exempt from criticism. The REAL Man who blew the cop to HELL where he belongs, they’re described as vicious cowards. By the La Gente Buena “good citizens” who praised the PIG as a hero. Well, your ‘hero’ most likely beat the MAN who got his revenge.  While he was handcuffed and with the cop’s comrades holding him down. That’s what they do and how they do it. And all the PUKES who always support the pigs and chant the American version of “if you’ve done nothing wrong, why should you fear the KGB, Comrade?” So lie to your selves, your friends, your children, it won’t make any difference. Your Hero got what he deserved.

Here’s a response I got about this….

Then there’s this one by Guy Firo…

This guy is a real dumb-shit. Nobody threatened his stupid ass. I just pointed out where his lack of logic produced false results, and he (it?) goes frothing at the mouth. Then there is this other Craigslist Genius who responded to a post about the Austin PIGS shooting somebody in the back.

While the PIGS themselves keep whining about being compared to the Nazis, Klan, Fascists, Heritage Foundation, Tea Party, Minutemen,back the badge fanatics and other hate groups and they say they’re not actually Racists. You stupid punk pigs should, instead of railing about ME, shit, I’m the bearer of the news. Your idiot followers and supporters continue to spew their nastiness and you don’t at any time tell THEM to shut the fuck up. You don’t threaten THEM even though they are the ones who represent every evil you commit.

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