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Hackernoon  reports that there is now the global deficit (debt)  currently well over $233 Terabux (for those inexperienced with my particular one-man patois, that’s a Trillion Dollars. The U.S. budget is allegedly 1 trillion.) estimated 270 terabux. According to Bloomberg. Which has one feature I don’t. People can’t just go on the Bloomberg sites and troll. I don’t have the imagination to think up shit like this. For the further record, just in case the rabid credit consumers, investors and such, “credit”  which should be called “debit” is really overstated. And debit as in “debit card” which means money you actually have, is denigrated as undesirable. One ‘credit’ investment firm runs commercials with the tag line “don’t get mad, just invest the money you don’t have into our treasure horde” essentially saying anybody who doesn’t get on board is envious. And no, that’s not the same as Jealous. Jealous means you believe somebody is macking on your stash. Envious means you’re macking on somebody else’s stash.  I give free english lessons for those bigots and racists who say everybody has to learn english but don’t do it themselves. You’re Welcome. Anyhow, there’s another very respected Capital Thief bank claiming a trillion dollars in assets, mostly because they got their own collective ass bailed out during the last crash. The people who lost everything by investing in their scam didn’t get the bailout. Just the billionaire bigpigs, like Trump. Just one example. Scared yet? Read on…

What we produce and earn is our GDP, and if the GDP was more than our debt, we’d be able to pay it back eventually or at the least it would be manageable. So, let’s have a look at the global GDP indicated by the world bank. (hackernoon)

75 Trillion. That’s it. Not just America but the entire fucking world. Maybe that should be the entirely fucked world. That’s a third (approx. and if you want a precise number, first try it out on paper and then check it with the calculator on your computer. You probably need the practice) of the Global Debt. If your personal deficit goes triple, people would advise you to get a second job. Trillions x 3 is NOT a manageable debt. Your first investment should be a shovel, rake and hoe. And seeds. Maybe take a few lessons, I could show you in a video if you want. Gloves are an option but for the most part your callouses will be protection enough. Most of the people in the world know how to do it. Just not the lazy ass Elitists who believe they own the world and everything and everybody in the world. They won’t even get pity from me.

Oh, and the 75 terabux of available funds…  $70T is in government hands. In other words, Fake Money.

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