ANTIFA beat down Liberal Activist? How about THIS:

Appearance is crucial to examination of the claim. I don’t to my knowledge actually recognize anybody in the ANTIFA movement, nothing strange about that… But FOX was the source for the coverage of the event. So, FOX who don’t know WHO are the leaders or followers AT ALL, and stranger still the Police State Gestapo don’t either. How? Cops say they don’t profile Black people wearing hoodies, bullshit. They make a big production of identifying people around the world with DNA and snitches, etc… But strangely not the White Supremacy movement OR …. ANTIFA. So whether there is a Resistance group called ANTIFA,eh.. probably. Are ALL those who are claimed to be ANTIFA actually ARE? Hell no. The scene for the real attack was real The Beat-down was real. The victim was real. So, where were all the cops? If the cops witnessed any kind of Unofficial Politics being done on THEIR watch they’d be beating people down or at the very least would have brought in reinforcements. Something of the nature and magnitude of the reported ANTIFA attack would have the scene surrounded with Militarized Storm Trooper Police in full body armor, military assault weapons of all kinds… and you can bet the entirety of your Ass they would be identifying every damn one of the people in the circle. Remember how ballistic they went on Tribe members and associates at the St Patrick’s Day parade right here in Colorado Springs? Well, do you? The po-po attacked. They attacked people who are predominately White.

So the attack reported by FOX and the Police and OTHER Gestapo freaks, has a really vile stench about it. Like last weeks sushi.The term Agent Provocateurs leaps to mind almost unbidden. Like Marinus van der Lubbe being tagged in a fire at the ReichsTag which the Nazi government revered as sacred and Marinus van der Lubbe was lynched. To this day the same White Makes Right Wing swear on their mommas’ graves that Marinus van der Lubbe actually did the deed. Remember also, through all this narrative, These Rat Bastards Control The President of the United States. And FOX News. The Reichstag Incendiary Incident gave the Fascist Government the go-ahead to suspend civil liberties Just Like The Gestapo Suck at FOX are trying to set up now.

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