Covertly spawned, color revolutionary, Arab Springy pro-democracy protests can do for Iran what we did to Syria.

When Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu express their support, you can be certain it’s not for the good. Foreign military intervention in Iran aims to repeat the western demolition of Syria. While authentic public protest in Iran should be tolerated, western intelligence operatives should get no quarter. Terminate all covert actions in Iran, especially US-funded “democracy” agents. And NO WAR WITH IRAN.

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2 Responses to Covertly spawned, color revolutionary, Arab Springy pro-democracy protests can do for Iran what we did to Syria.

  1. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    Comrade Hermit replied to a similar post on

    Main point being the CIA cowboys didn’t start protests, that’s a fact of political everything in most countries in the world. The U.S. could use the power of internal protest, like the Anarchists do routinely in the Netherlands and Britain. The brits found a neat way circumvent the kettling tactic when Charlie and Camilla were promoting a)austerity measures for the poor and b)Big Huge Monstrous royal wedding at taxpayer expense. They had demos all over London so the normal Riot Containment Units or whatever name they actually call the Stormtrooper Thugs, were short-handed all the way round, the Student Brigade (I make up clever titles in the hopes they’ll be useful) who were losing their tuition subsidy (why does any country think that Public Ignorance is somehow less expensive than Public Education) charged their limo and almost pulled them out of the car. What they could have done to the Royal Nuisance duo is the stuff of wet dreams. The Royalty in England has a long history of organizing kidnapping and holding for ransom Other Members Of Their Fucked Off Family. Richard couer d’Leon comes to mind.

    Protests aren’t unusual in Iran. By Middle Eastern standards, they’re actually a fairly open society. It’s ingrained into Persian society which has always been very progressive on matters of art and gender. This culture of activism is not dissimilar to that of France. However, unlike France, Iran has very strong powers hellbent on destabilizing the Iranian Revolution, which actually originated as a union between Islamists and radical leftists. What this means is that one of Iranian culture’s strengths, public discourse, can very easily be manipulated to create chaos and that is what these protests have become about, creating chaos in a nation that has been one of the few sources of stability in a very unstable region.

    The Mullahs and their hardline allies are falling into a trap by attacking activists and activism as a premise in and of itself. Rouhani has sharply chosen to take a middle ground by championing the protests themselves while condemning the use of violence on both sides. In this there is an opportunity. If Rouhani comes through this holding the moral high ground he will degrade both the foreign agents and the Ayatollah himself and bring the Iranian Revolution closer to it’s republican roots. This thing may backfire on the US big time and leave Iran stronger than it was before. We need to pray for Rouhani. He may be walking in Ali Shariti’s footsteps.

  2. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    Oh, me ams forgetted. the CIA didn’t start the protests. They just try to exploit them.

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