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Trump may rue selection of Bolton for national security adviser Ok, that’s the headline. The rest is mine. He’s a warmonger, means exactly that he sells war. He never went to war himself, he bought himself a Champagne Outfit assignment with the Maryland NG, like Bush but the difference being he didn’t desert. He Makes Money From Other People Dying. He rigged the war decision against Iraq TWICE, first time being one of the Lying #$%$ who said Iraqi soldiers stormed a hospital in Kuwait (LIE)and took premature babies out of their incubators,(LIE) throwing them on the floor(LIE) and stomped them to death (LIE) and Bolton, Rove, Bush the Elder, all signed on to the (LIE). They employed a teenage daughter of a Kuwaiti diplomat who had never been back to Kuwait since was 8(not a lie) to pretend to be a Nurse to say she was an eyewitness (LIE)This is the character of “men” who are recruited by Drump.

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