How did Edward Jones investment bank get assets of more than $1 Trillion?

That’s what they ask on their commercials. The real answer is they’re thieves who have raided the treasuries of the U.S. and other economic Corporate Governments, including being a huge beneficiary of the Obama bailout of the richest bitches in America. Remember that? The poor were scapegoats for the breakdown, people who control less than a percent of the U.S. wealth? Scapegoat doesn’t ring accurately, according to the Law of Moses the scapegoat is let free. The only Jewish sacrifice that involved the animal surviving the ceremony. Edward Jones and the rest of Capitalism are thieves. Plain and simple. The U.S. government has been creating wealth for the Already Wealthy since before the Corporate State was actually called the U.S. and bailed out the Rich, and ONLY the Rich, ever since the Mayflower Compact. And as always, the Capitalists will LIE about their sources of support. The wars started or joined into by the U.S. government were organized slaughter of the Peasant Army (and other ‘services’) slaughtering other Peasant armies around the globe to deprive the other Corporate Governments of the resources controlled by those Corporate Governments. Theft and Murder and we’re supposed to support and celebrate it. We’re commanded by the propagandists to teach our children to swear allegiance to The Corporate State. We’re told to never tell our children the TRUTH. The Corporate States of America call that treason.

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