Judicial reform activist Bruce Doucette is next Denver sovereign to face joint FBI JTTF IRS & Colorado AG show trial

DENVER, COLORADO- Into the second week of the Doucette sovereignty trial you can’t help but imagine yourself attending the burning of a medieval heretic. There but for a modicum more caution than courage go I.
Sovereign Bruce Doucette and his nine co-conspirators, who prosecutors allege constituted a “criminal enterprise”, were saying what most know to be true about our nation’s corrupt justice system. Their attempts to bring reform however sparked the fear and wrath of the targeted cronies, who now lash back with all the authoritarian muscle with which they conduct their misdeeds.

Small surprise, obviously. That’s why you and I are standing around the fire and not in it. But seeing the fire being fueled by the FBI, its Joint Terrorism Task Force partners, and Colorado’s First Deputy Attorney General himself, onlookers dare not show sympathy for the heretics.

If you think this is an exaggeration, you haven’t been watching the Denver “paper terrorist” enterprise trials. Last December, the first two sovereigns were convicted of racketeering, conspiracy, etc, and given 36 and 22 year sentences. At their ages, that’s LIFE. Two remain to be tried, including Doucette. The rest took plea deals and were given only probation. This was in exchange for being made to “renounce allegiance to the sovereignty movement” and “to cease criticizing” judge whoever.

In constitutional days, criticism was free speech. And belief was a fundamental right. If you can reduce a prison sentence to probation by merely swearing fealty to the dominant authority, the real problem law enforcement has with these paper crimes is the First Amendment.

Today Colorado is giving life sentences for heresy.

Systemic corruption among judges, sheriffs, district attorneys, and petty bureaucrats is no mere conspiracy theory. Someone is filling America’s booming for-profit prisons. Someone is enboldening cops to shoot rather than arrest. Who do you think is running the courts which prey entirely on the disadvantaged?

In Montaigne’s day, even aristocrats feared the courts. America’s innovation was to ensure the legal system benefits the rich, while pretending to serve The People. And administered by clowns who swore an oath to the people. For laughs.

Doucette and his sovereign reformers discovered that many of these cronies had become so brash, they had dispensed with the oaths of office which they were constitutionally required to make. More hadn’t even posted bonds to secure said oaths. Bonds are mandated by the constitution to hold public officials accountable to their subjects over whom they wield disproportunate power.

But Doucette & co soon found that pointing out the missing oaths and bonds fell on deaf ears. Bond-less, oath-less, unaccountable despots can simply bang the gavel and ignore you.

While the more clever, if less principled, among us learn to exploit a crooked system, and the rest of us gnash our teeth in frustration, the Colorado sovereigns were foolhardy enough to take on the system with its own medicine.

Doucette and crew enterprised to serve official looking financial liens on the corrupt office holders, for monetary amounts corresponding to how long the officials had defrauded the public by drawing their oath-deficient salaries. With interest, compounded, the liens named extraordinary amounts due. The asserted default judgements totaled millions or billions, even TRILLIONS. This apparently frightened the officials who received the correspondence. A trillion dollar personal debt can ruin your credit.

Those lien amounts were contrived to bring the offender’s attention to their offense, if also to infer the moral bankruptcy of corruption. But instead of hopping to the swearing of oaths and the posting of their negligent bonds, the cronies called the FBI.

It turns out the FBI was already watching because the sovereigns and their ideology fall under federal definitions of domestic terrorism. You heard that right. Leave-me-alone sovereigns are considered terrorists.

Of course, sovereign ideology is a HUGE existential threat the system, but whenever did you give your assent to being thought-policed?

The sovereignty movement in the US is comprised of a growing population of political constituents awake to the reality that their government no longer represents them. Their government acts unconstitutionally, to be specific. Its taxes, its judicial system, and especially its monetary mechanisms, are unconstitutional.

It’s become cliche to say our government is illegitimate. But what else are you going to call it? By a gradual process, the American democratic project became an authoritarian shadow state.

Sovereigns can argue with conspiracy theorists about maritime dominions or Freemasons or whatever complicated subterfuge, but to make a long story short, our national economy came under the control of oligarchs. The steps are easily documented.

I’ll list these highlights because they’ll pop up again later: 1861, endenturing Americans to foreign debt payments; 1913, shifting control of US currency to the predations of domestic private capital; 1949, our republic becomes a security state. All these transformations were expressly contrary to the intentions of the founding fathers and without consultation of the people.

Despite Thomas Jefferson’s personal warnings, and his anti-Hamiltonian safeguards which held ground for generations, the American nation became enslaved to usury. Specifically it yielded to private loans and their interest rates which engineer economic instability and poverty. Our nation’s public wealth was usurped by the same financial masters who wrung opportunity, equality and equilibrium from Europe, the anemic economies from which our forefathers and subsequent immigrants declared their independance.

Because this is not what is represented to Americans in our civics classes, nor what we believe to be our citizenship compact, how can a declaration of personal sovereignty be unreasonable? The American Dream is a bait and switch. It’s false imprisonment. It’s contract fraud with our social contract.

Naturally Mommon has no intention of letting this truth be uttered. Mammon deems sovereigns as rebellious slaves. To a slaveowner, that’s terrorism.

Sovereigns are often maligned as “patriots” in the retrograde supremicist sense. Obviously they are patriots enamored by what the American project has always pretended to be. Sovereigns are dedicated to the constitution we’re supposed to follow, to which any official with broad authority over people, is supposed to swear an oath.

In view of a lawless government and an abusive predatory bureaucracy, sovereigns try to indemnify themselves from corruption’s long greedy arm. This of course troubles our masters.

The trial of sovereign Bruce Doucette is not a pretty thing. As a sovereign he cannot but represent himself Pro Se. You can wish his legal arguments were sharper, you can wish he had a lawyer’s chops, but Bruce Doucette is an ordinary person. He’s just smart enough to recognize injustice, and smart enough to have drawn its wrath, but stupid enough to have the moral conviction that prevents him from standing idly by like you.

Now Bruce Doucette is up against flames and torturous barbs honed by centuries of Inquisition. Today’s shackles and compliance control devices are exerted by the IRS.

Income tax is a convenient weapon with which to bludgeon sovereigns because it’s their Achilles Heel. Sovereigns take a principled stand against the income tax and they don’t pay it. We indoctrinated subjects consider income taxes ubiquitous, but it’s a contemporary government abuse.

Since prehistory, taxes were levied on wealth and land. When pre-industrial private finance schemes began to suck the wealth of nations and its land holders, governments had to make up their losses with other tax revenues.

Industrialization provided individual wages and salaries from which to trim a government’s share. Initially this was used to pay for the incidental expenses of war. Increasingly, the income tax became necessary to meet a nation’s growing interest payments to private debt in light of its diminishing assets from which to draw.

For some deranged logic, which we’ve lost the critical thinking skills to question, people accept national debt to private lenders as an obligation inherent to all national economies.

Income Tax
The history of the income tax can be traced to some telling coincidences. The first income tax appeared in England in 1799, levied to pay for the war against Napleon. Revolutionary France had thrown off the international financiers trying to impose private debt. Napoleon was fighting to preserve France’s prosperity which had come from his economic measures to thwart usury.

The first US income tax was imposed in 1861, to subsidize the War of Rebellion. By coincidence, that’s the year the Union violated long standing constitutional prohibitions against saddling our economy with private international debt. The federal income tax remained a contentious tax, until a Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional.

Undeterred, Congress eventually amended the constitution to legitimize the income tax. By no coincidence at all, they did it in 1913, the same year American bankers created the Federal Reserve, the mechanism by which the spoils of usury and financial manipulation could be rendered from London to domestic profiteers. The spoils remained private. National debt was still the means to steal the wealth created by labor.

Thus the bankers wanted not only the prosperity generated by the labor, but a cut of the wages which paid for the labor. The only thing the rich have ever wanted was everything.

Besides, again the government needed the income tax to pay the interest on the private money it borrowed from the Fed.

No wonder sovereigns repudiate the income tax. It’s a slap in the face when the usurers already have both hands in your pockets. It’s robbing you personally when they’ve already taken the wealth you helped generate. It’s taking YOUR wallet when they’ve already stolen EVERYONE’S safe. And if the chairman of the Federal Reserve determines you can do without that sandwich, they’ll peg the interest rate to take that too.

Your nation’s wealth is not just your birthright, it’s the fruit of your collective hard work. A productive community, whether agricultural or industrial, is naturally prosperous. Unless it’s harnessed to perpetual interest payments. Debt means perpetual inequity. Especially when the interest rates are variable, adjusted to ensure that borrowers are left only with the crumbs of subsistence.

Probably you’ve little sympathy for louts who don’t pay their taxes. Defendant Bruce Doucette was certainly made to look shameful for shirking his financial responsibility to the state. If you think he had one.

As the enlightened moderns we think we’ve become, we can look back at medieval heretics and know they weren’t criminals. And we know the bishops, burgermeisters and prosecutors of old could not have burned the heretics without the support of the jeering crowds. What inclined the medieval townspeople to jeer? In hindsight it’s easy to conclude it was gullible self-defeatism.

Please consider reasons you think you have now to jeer at Bruce Doucette. He followed his convictions. He spoke his mind. He tried to make authorities show the deference due their constituents, the common people. That mission was not criminal.

Just because your would be champion isn’t erudite doesn’t make him a criminal. If you think handing a public official a lien for 17 BILLION DOLLARS, owed to the American People, makes the defendant a bad boy, then give him a spanking!

Doucette’s act didn’t make victims of the unconstitutional oath-fraud officials. The court paraded a string of judges and sheriffs to testify against Doucette. They told the jury they felt victimized by the defendant’s “paper terrorism”. Bullshit.

On the other hand, no one is considering the real victims: the ruined lives, incarcerated or in penury, harassed, condemned and sentenced by those unaccountable public officials today pretending to be “victims”. If those real victims could testify at this trial, we all might be showing a little more appreciation for Doucette.

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10 Responses to Judicial reform activist Bruce Doucette is next Denver sovereign to face joint FBI JTTF IRS & Colorado AG show trial

  1. Avatar Charlie von Schlesien says:

    Your NOT MY TRIBE – 3/07/2018 1:57AM MDT, is fabulously written, a spot on beacon.
    Bruce has the info on the tiny little fact, there is no plaintiff…”The people of the state of Colorado” , which you are most likely aware of, however it gets better. The TRADENAME agent is a mere inhabitant who filed the NAME under title 7. If that content were to be visible and comprehended by readers …OOOPS it may close doors to ‘JUSTICE CENTERS’

  2. Avatar GDorn says:

    “.,… Doucette and his sovereign reformers discovered that many of these cronies had become so brash, they had dispensed with the oaths of office which they were constitutionally required to make. More hadn’t even posted bonds to secure said oaths. Bonds are mandated by the constitution to hold public officials accountable to their subjects over whom they wield disproportunate power…,.”

    This is mythology and provably false. The word “bond” does not appear in the US Constitution, Google “US Constitution full text” and search it for yourself (ctrl + F opens a search box in most browsers).

    Article 6 clause 3 is the closest you’ll find to Bruce’s mistaken claim:

    “.,… 3: The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States….,.”

    Bound by an Oath is NOT the same as needing to have a “Bond.”

    Almost all of Bruce’s other somewhat peculiar beliefs are similarly flawed. It is not against the law for a group of people to get on a conference call and pretend they’re a Grand Jury. It isn’t illegal to pretend they’re a court, hold trials and find someone guilty. However it is illegal, as Bruce and his buddies are finding out, to file false liens against police and Judges.

    That being said I think the punishment Bruce et al will face is disproportionate to the crime they are (and or will be found) guilty of. A few months of cool your heels time and a stern warning about increasing penalties for doing it again seems more fair. To me at least

  3. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    But the charges are of Terrorism. That’s how it’s written. When the Pigs, I’ll not dignify them with their self-proclaimed titles of nobility, charged or at least imprisoned John Walter for “Terroristic Threats” and “Menacing” and then held him without charge or hearings, deprived him of medical care and beat him (slowly) to death, GDorn, your darling always-right-judiciary and other PIGS showed their collective shitty ass about how much they love Law and Order. Just like the crybaby officials who had the charges of Terrorism levied against the sovereigns. They already had their own regime, the regime that shelters the PIGS from any culpability for their own crimes. The “charges” against the PIGS who murdered John Walter, were dismissed with the PIGS (Sgt Greene, Corporal Maas, Corporal Hudspeth, the so-called medical department, exactly none of them spent any time in restraints, under arrest, in jeopardy of their freedom, never. The El Paso Co Coroner and Sheriff’s Homicide squad, District Attorney May and every judge in the fucking country and probably some foreign courts all declared the PIGS not guilty without them ever being actually charged. The People of Colorado have a few slush funds laid aside for such emergencies. The PIGS who beat him to death won’t be charged or punished. The People of Colorado have to pay THEIR debt to Mr Walter’s family. Who else is a terrorist who also conspired with the Fremont County Pigs in the murder and concealing it? Why, it’s those same sheriffs, DAs, FBI agents, Judges across the state and the nation who say they’re victims of Doucette and Friends. How exactly do murdering scum like that have any right to imprison anybody for any length of time? Self Proclaimed holier-than-thou Aristocrats who hold your life in their nasty little hands.

  4. Avatar GDorn says:

    Howdy Brother J, nothing like a good straw man argument don’t you think, either the logical fallacy or all that bull crap about the ALL CAPS NAME.

    Please enlighten me if you’d be so kind but how exactly is Bruce Doucette a Superior Court Judge? I mean he signed off on all the false liens and indictments his internet grand jury of Colorado sent to him but where from does he derive his authority?

    I rather doubt he was appointed by anyone, you know, other than himself and if he was elected what percentage of the registered voters in Colorado voted for him?

    Because unless I miss this guess that percentage would be fairly close of .0001%. Please do correct me if I’m wrong but in doing so please provide something even remotely like proof.

    Because if we look at it that way then Superior Court Justice Bruce Doucette has less actual prestige and authority than the Grand Marshal of the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. Of course I’ve never heard tell of a Grand Marshal trying to file any false liens so I don’t really have case law to back me up on this.

    And for the record, I am not defending a legal system that incarcerates a higher percentage of it’s people than pert near anywhere other than North Korea and feeds far too many people into for profit private prisons. We desperately need major reforms.

    That being said Bruce and his fellow sovcitidiots are part of the problem. “Don’t like the legal system then just pretend you can invent your own” is not part of the solution.

    Empirical thinking, the scientific method, after near 50 odd years of sovcitidiot experiments having all failed perhaps someone will begin the question the foundations of it’s premises. But not old Bruce, he’d rather go to jail than admit he may be full of crap.

  5. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    And the actual judges, prosecutors, cops and other “victims” are the ones who murdered either directly or as accessories, John Walter, Marvin Booker, Marquise Hudspeth et al, in lynch law… oh, the poor little-dick “victims” and their Pigsucking arrogant yet cowardly civilian supporters. One of the sheriff “victims” is Our Beloved Terrorist Maketa who just recently was given a free pass from his Fellow “Victims” for diverting Firefighters to his own property and let his neighbors, you know the ones, he was sworn to protect them as Sheriff, well he figured his own elitist ass was more important than the people who paid his salary an thus his mortgage and allowed THEIR homes to burn.

    And there’s his use of County Facilities for training his Racist Klan related Minutemen Militia, and is a close accomplice of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Redneck chickenshit Nazi pukes of a feather fuck together. Every one of the supposed “victims” in this case is a crybaby Nazi puke. No amount of dithering is going to change that fact.

  6. Avatar Greg says:

    Swearing allegiance to whatever flag they offer, is not just a stanza in a “Mike and the Mechanics” song, it is how land and rights were stolen from any supporters of the Confederated States of America in 1865. President Lincoln and company murdered a million of his own citizens in the name of a corrupt corporate system. People need to wake up a corporate military industrial takeover occurred November 22, 1963, and everyone has been lulled into a trance by the psyops operation by the CIA within our borders ever since. You have to call out criminals for criminal activity everyday, everywhere. Most people have half way decent intentions but when it comes to a paycheck or doing the right thing most chose the paycheck. Sad but true we are the problem.

  7. Avatar Greg says:

    For all of the idiots and uneducated. Please refer to Colorado Constitution, Article II, Sections 1 & 2, to understand who is the ultimate authority (sovereign) in Colorado, We the People.
    For the idiots that believe an oath of office and bond is not required and that lack of both is not a constitutional requirement, please read Colorado Constitution, Article XII, Section 9. Oaths, and Article XII, Section 10, Refusal to Qualify.
    Then refer to People v. Quimbly, 152 Colo. 231, 381 P.2d 275 (1963). “… term of office is not permitted to assume the duties of the office until he files a bond and oath of office, which must be done before the commencement of the term, or the office shall be deemed vacant”.

    Now, to prove how dumbed down Americans actually are, refer to one of the very first laws for government employees has always been.

    Passed at the first session, which was begun and held at the City of New York on Wednesday, March 4, 1789, and continued to September 19,1789.
    GEORGE WASHINGTON, President, JOHN ADAMS, Vice President of the United States, and President of the Senate, FREDERICK AUGUSTUS MUHLENBERG, Speaker of the House of Representatives.
    CHAPTER I.-An Act to regulate the Time and Manner of administering certain Oaths.
    SEC. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate And [House of] Representatives of the United States tif America in Congress assembled, That the oath or
    affirmation required by the sixth article of the Constitution of the United
    States, shall be administered in the form following, to wit: “I, A. B.
    do solemnly swear or affirm (as the case may be) that I will support the Constitution of the United States.” The said oath or affirmation shall be administered within three days after the passing of this act, by anyone
    member of the Senate, to the President of the Senate, and by him to all the members and to the secretary; and by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, to all the members who have not taken a similar
    o:1th, by virtue of a particular resolution of the said House, and to the clerk: and in case of the absence of any member from the service of either House, at the time prescribed for taking the said oath or affirmation,
    the same shall be administered to such member, when he shall appear to take his seat.
    SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That at the first session of Congress after every general election of Representatives, the oath or affirmation
    aforesaid, shall be administered by anyone member of the House of Representatives to the Speaker; and by him to all the members present, and to the clerk, previous to entering on any other business; and to the members who shall afterwards appear, previous to taking their seats. The President of the Senate for the time being, shall also administer the said oath or affirmation to each Senator who shall hereafter be elected, previous to his taking his seat: and in any future case of a President of the Senate, who shall not have taken the said oath or affirmation, the same shall be administered to him by anyone of the members of
    the Senate.
    SEC. 3. And be it further en.artfrl, That the members of the several State legislatures, at the next session of the state legislatures, respectively, and all executive and judicial officers of the several States, who
    have been heretofore chosen or appointed, or who shall be chosen…
    It seems ridiculous to think that anyone who wants to collect a government paycheck, would not first be required to abide by the charter that created the corporate government.

  8. Avatar Michael says:

    GDorn, so much to say and so little time. The Supreme Court ruled in Downes v. Bidwell that there are three United States. The dissenting opinion predicted exactly what has occurred. Doucette was elected by those who are not “subjects” as defined in the 14th Article of Amendment. As stated therein, a United States “citizen” is one who is both “born or naturalized in the United States” AND “subject to the jurisdiction thereof.” This is the argument that big government proponents like you have never been able to overcome.

    The United States is Washington DC or one of its territories. It is a fact that the real 13th Amendment forbid those with titles of nobility from serving in public office. It is a fact that Black’s law dictionary defined the term “esquire” as a title of dignity under British law. It is a fact, the definition was expanded in Black’s law 2nd edition published in 1910 due to an opinion of one of these esquires to include a definition under American law. This was an obvious attempt by the foreign agent BAR guild members to circumvent The Constitution for the United States of America. The BAR members have participated in a conspiracy to overthrow the government of
    The United State of America since before the American BAR was established in 1878. We know that the esquires did not get their titles of nobility from either the United States or one of the states, because Article I section 9, clause 8 forbids the United States from granting a title of nobility and Article I, section 10, clause 1 forbids the state from doing so. (That clause also forbids the states from allowing anything other than gold or silver coin to be exchanged for payment of debt. This tells us the so called “loans” the banks are making us pay on are not debt.)

    BAR guild members are in fact foreign agents working for the crown of England. BAR does in fact stand for British Accreditation Registry. Naturally, since the exposure of this conspiracy would most likely result in many Americans taking up arms against these foreign agents, it behooves them to come up with as many lies as they can for their own protection. After all, what they have done constitutes an overthrow of the government The United States of America. Attorney will say something stupid like the BAR is the little fence with a gate in it. A member of the BAR gets to pass through the gate which they refer to as a BAR. This might work on anyone with a 3rd grade education, but it does not work on people who can actually think. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons for the War of 1812, was to destroy the record of the 13th Amendment. This amendment was passed by the congress and sent to the states for ratification in 1810. The last required state to ratify it was Virginia in 1819 and it sent the notice to the federal government in 1821. Notice to be sent to the federal government was not a requirement, although it was wise to do. A certified copy of this amendment was included in the evidence in the federal case. One can obtain one from the Colorado Archive at book 6744 page 967.

    Any officer who fails to take an oath of office prior to starting the duties of the office is, in fact, committing criminal impersonation of said officer. The oath and bond is supposed to be file prior to taking office. You asked for evidence, here it is. “General Laws 555. Sec. 128 Every county officer named in this article shall, before entering upon the duties of his office, on or before the day of commencement of the term for which he was elected, execute and deposit his official
    bond, as prescribed by law; and any officer shall also take and subscribe the oath of office prescribed by law, before some officer authorized to administer oaths, and deposit the same with his official bond, to be filed and preserved therewith.” As we can see, a bond is required by Colorado general laws. This was upheld by a Colorado case. ” A person chosen to fill a term of office is not permitted to assume the duties of the office until he files a bond and
    oath of office, which must be done before the commencement of the term, or the office shall be deemed vacant. People v Quimby, 152 Colo. 231, 381 P.2d 275 (1963).” See? The office is deemed “vacant” if both a bond and oath are not filed “BEFORE” commencement of the term.

    As you point out correctly in your quote from the Constitution, all officers are required to take an oath of office that supports “this Constitution”. Many of the offices listed on the Notice of Fraud recorded in the public by the Colorado Sovereigns did not even take an oath. As a matter of fact, Robert Shapiro has been reported to not have file his oath of office until the day these guys were arrested. This can be confirmed by getting a certified copy of his oath. So if the claim was invalid, why did he file his oath the same day these guys were arrested. He was already serving as a deputy AG. Hmmm. Case law upholds that the Constitution is the highest law in the land. “The Constitution is the mandate of a sovereign people to its servants and representatives which no one of them
    has a right to ignore or disregard. John F. Jelke Co. v. Emery, 193 Wis. 311, 214 N. W. 369, 53 A.L.R. 463″ and let’s not forget, “In our system of government a written Constitution is the highest expression of law.” Re Denny, 156 Ind. 104 59 N.E. 359, 51 L.R.A. 722.” These cases were included on the notice of fraud that was sent to each and every servant who purportedly work for the sovereign people. So they knew this, yet still acted like, “Oh, I am a victim.” They are not victims. They are traitors. The paperwork can only be considered terrorism by someone operating out side The Untied States of America. Read the revised “trading with the Enemy Act” of 1933. The American people are actually referred to as “enemies”. Don’t take my word for it. Prove me wrong.

    Back to the two United States. One of the United States is merely a corporation. When one registers to vote, he is merely registering to elect corporate officers and he is volunteering to be a “subject” thereof. As a subject, the Constitution does not apply. Our federal government has not been seated since around 1946. When one registers, he is acknowledging that he is a US citizen “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”. The courts have REPEATEDLY held that the people are, in fact, sovereign. This is easily verified and was used in documents presented in federal court against the criminals masquerading as judges and sheriffs in Colorado. This is not to say that all sheriffs are bad guys. On the contrary, some sheriffs know they are the highest law enforcement officers in the county above any state police or federal agent. And some of those know the law, unlike many. So the people who are “registered to vote”, being subjects of the United States, are not qualified to elect a superior court judge to serve the sovereign people within “The United States of America” in compliance with the common law as guaranteed in The Constitution for he United States of America. All people who claim to be US citizens are subject and are not one of the sovereign people. The 14th article of amendment created a 2nd class of people in these united states.

    As to the income tax, the 16th Amendment does NOT allow for peoples’ wages to be garnished. As a matter of act, the Constitution forbids a tax within the states without regard to apportionment. This means that the federal government can tax everyone in the states $1,000 per head, but the second that anyone gets a five dollar discount, it becomes an illegal tax. The 16 Amendment has been ruled to not expand the tax to anyone who was not taxable prior to the amendment. Yes there is Case law. In Brushaber v. Union Pacific Railroad Co. we find “We are of opinion, however, that the confusion is not inherent, but rather arises from the conclusion that the 16th Amendment provides for a hitherto unknown power of taxation; that is, a power to levy an income tax which, although direct, should not be subject to the regulation of apportionment applicable to all other direct taxes. And the far-reaching effect of this erroneous assumption will be made clear by generalizing the many contentions advanced in argument to support it, as follows:” Notice the comments about the 16th Amendment providing a “hitherto unknown power of taxation” and that being an “erroneous assumption”.

    Only federal employees are required to pay an income tax. What this did was allow the federal government to tax federal employees “income”, which is defined as “gain on capital” by case law, no matter the source. In other words, a congressman prior to the 16th Amendment could only have the salary paid as a benefit of the office taxed, but his hardware store back home could not be tax. The 16th amendment allowed for taxing his income back home as well. “Whatever source” means the source of the income NOT whose income. It only applies to the same people who could be taxed before the amendment and nobody else.

  9. Avatar Harold Poole says:

    Wow,. The lack of real education is obvious,. And most including the writer and Bruce and friend have fell into the fantasy idealogy based on half truths, misunderstanding and mis information and mis statement. And have put together a ideology and history of law and this country that never existed. When confronted with reality and real constitutional law because they do not understand the real complexity of law. Claim it is all corrupt and make up wild fantasy stories to explain their beliefs. It is a phenomenon recently discovered called the Dunning-kruggar syndrome. Time all you genius realize the problem is you have been poorly educated ,. By poorly educated other who have assimilated junk law

  10. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    Maybe your PIG heroes will be allowed to torture the defendants. Oh, that’s right, the PIGS are already allowed to do that. Have yourself a nice little comfortable lifetime of licking the Pigs’ boots. They’re your Masters, you chose it.

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